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What your takeaway dish says about you

By Deliveroo
What your takeaway dish says about you

Food delivery has taken a turn for the better – we’re willing to pay a little more for better quality food and consistent delivery times.

Here’s what your favourite dish says about you.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Risk averse. After looking at the options for half an hour, you realise the fear of getting something new and hating it is too great. Sweet and sour chicken is comfortable, consistent and everyone’s secret favourite. Never a 10 but consistently a 7. New experiences are over-rated.

Crispy Duck and Pancakes

You like the high life wherever you are, any time of the day or night. While most would only go for this at 7pm at a restaurant, you don’t care. 2am after a night out? You’ll still go for a dish that requires assembling because you’re that much of a foodie. Everyone applauds your effort.

Pad Thai

Oooh did you go to Thailand? You had a gap year, did you? You’re about to tell me about how you knew a guy on the Khao San Road and you guys made friends, and he wore a little pink apron and gave you extra beansprouts. It’s two years later and you don’t speak to him anymore but ooh does this Pad Thai bring back memories.

Chow Mein

Are you one of those people who can’t use chopsticks? Does your mum still do you clothes wash? Are you disappointed with the way life is turning out, the opportunities you missed and the chances you didn’t take? Do you look at the screen you’ve been staring at for hours and question what exactly you’re becoming? No, you don’t. Because you’ve become the one who orders Chow Mein. Good on you.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Consistent. Your order never changes, you know what you want and you like what you like.  Who can blame you for that? You’re also the type of person who loves Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and listening to Ed Sheeran – but that’s alright. Some may say basic, you just say good taste.

Beef Burger with bacon

A crowd pleaser. Nothing beats that tasty beef and crispy bacon, paired with some blue cheese and avocado if you’re health conscious (?). The simple beef burger with bacon is a winning combination and it’s versatile to a huge range of accompaniments.

Bean Burger

You’re desperately trying to be healthy but in denial of the fact that what they are truly craving is a succulent, meaty and greasy burger. You just can’t quite give up on the idea entirely so you settle on a hybrid. If not, you’re simply a veggie ordering the only this that’s available to you on the menu. Sorry about that.

Chicken Ramen

Dare to go bold. Noodles, soup and chicken, who said you couldn’t have it all? You’re not ashamed to slurp up that ramen with all your mates watching that salty soupy liquid running down your chin. It’s inevitable after all. You don’t care – “Carpe Diem” is your motto. YOLO.

Prawn crackers

You’ve maxed out your overdraft and you’re bloody starving. So when Jonny and his mates get a Chinese, you’re in there. Chomping away, thinking you’re all sly while they spill sweet’n’sour sauce all down themselves.

Margherita Pizza

You love the comfort zone. You’re unsure about leaving it. Your palette hasn’t matured yet to taste the fine arrays of flavours on offer – like crumbled goats cheese or pungent gorgonzola. Some label you “fussy” but why be adventurous when you can keep it plain and simple? Risks nearly always result in regret you tell yourself – you can’t go wrong with the humble Margherita.


Burritos are not a new phenomenon, stop pretending like they are. A meal that was once the reserve of stoners and Mexicans has been adopted by Radio-4-listening hipsters.

Falafel Wrap

That soggy wrap you bought from a foreign sounding man at a market isn’t falafel. Falafel done properly is a beautiful thing. With a well-made pitta in hand, you’re telling the world that you’re a well-travelled adventurer, unmoved by the complex world of geopolitics.

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