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Warwick University to add banned books and hip hop to the curriculum

By Editor
Warwick University to add banned books and hip hop to the curriculum

Warwick University is one of the world's great academic institutions, regularly featuring in the top 10 in most ranking tables. One of the reasons, besides its brilliant teaching and facilities, is that the uni likes to keep things fresh and interesting.

It is no surprise, therefore, that Warwick are introducing some exciting sounding new modules that will available to anyone and partakers will receive a certificate upon completion.

One of the topics that is being taught is 'Globalisation in the 21st Century'. Whilst it may seem heavy, the course will attempt to examine the concept in a more accessible way, such as a discussion relating to the way in which hip hop has changed since its inception. Furthermore, it will consider how the music genre has made an impression on the individual.

According to the course description, "the first part will focus on the cultural impact of globalisation across contemporary (Western) societies, discussing questions of cultural participation and identity, the changing contours of media industries, and the relations between social identity (class, gender and race) and cultural consumption."

This seems very exciting indeed, and could perhaps help us make sense of important matters like an explanation as to why Kim Kardashian is a global icon.

Another subject that one can enroll in at Warwick is 'Banned Books', which, as you may have deciphered from the title, delves into the literary works throughout the ages that have been excluded from the canon in the past.

The texts, which have been bestowed with such accusations as 'obscene, violent, shocking, explicit, sexually perverse', include Shakespeare' The Merchant of Venice, Lee Harper's To Kill a Mockingbird and Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr. 

Applicants just have to have interest in the topics to apply for the year long courses, and students of the university who are applying may be entitled to gain credits for their existing course towards their degree,

For more information on how to apply to of the courses aforementioned, as well as many others, click here.

Would you be interested in a short course that can give credit to your degree? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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