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Top 5 shopping tips for students

By Price Spy
Top 5 shopping tips for students


If you do not have infinitely deep pockets the basis of all good shopping is to compare prices. Here is a quick lesson in how to compare prices.

We begin with finding out how to easily compare prices between different shops, continue with how to see through "regular price” scams, and finish up with smart tools that you can use on your own.

1.  Check the competition

Many shops try to be helpful by comparing prices for you when they put gadgets on sale. But there is every reason to be skeptical of the shop’s own comparisons.
The shops obviously have everything to gain by making the difference between the regular price and the sale price seem as large as possible.
The first thing you should do is to see if the offer really is as good as it sounds so check the competition. Can you find the same television set at an even better price in another shop?

• Search for the product on PriceSpy.

• Check what the product costs in other shops.

2. See through the "regular price” scam.

Shops have another trick to make discounts look bigger than they actually are. Even if the "normal price" that they state is true, the product may actually have been cheaper before the sale.
A known tactic is to raise the price just before the sale, and then compare the sale price with this elevated standard price.
The shop has a good chance of success as long as you do not compare the sale price with the competition. And as long as you do not compare it with what the product cost in the past, before the shop sneakily raised the price.

Check price history:

• Search for the product on PriceSpy.

• If you are on a computer, click on the "Statistics” tab, top right. If you are on a mobile browser or mobile app, tap the graph at the top right.

• Look at the price curve to see what the product cost in the past.

• Compare products on PriceSpy.

3. Compare gadgets’ spec:

If you do not know exactly what you want, it can be easy to get a little lost in the gadget jungle. A new 50 inches TV for 550£ may seem like a bargain, but it could have lower image quality than one for 500£.

So be sure to compare the product’s specifications with the specifications of similar models. The more you know about what you are getting for your money, the less risk there is of paying too much for something bad.

How to compare product’s specifications:

• Search for the product on PriceSpy on your computer.

• Click "Compare".

• Choose some products in the same price class to compare with, either by clicking on them in the "Related Products" column, or by typing in the "search product to add" box.

• See if the products differ in terms of features and performance.

If you want to compare gadgets with each other on your mobile, we recommend using the PriceSpy app. Under the menu button in the top left, you will find a help section that describes exactly what to do.

4. Know in advance

The best way to get good deals is by preparing yourself. If you know in advance what you are interested in and have a decent idea of what the prices are like, you lessen the risk of going bananas and buying rubbish in the sale-stress.
A good way to keep track of the stuff you're interested in is to create lists on PriceSpy. By doing this you gather them all together and it is easy to compare prices and features.
How to make a list of interesting products:
• Create a free account on PriceSpy.
• Find the product that you are interested in on PriceSpy.
• If you are using your computer, click on "My lists" on the far left and then drag the products there. If you are using your mobile browser or app, tap "Add to list" top right and follow the instructions.

5. Automate discount-searching

A smart feature on PriceSpy that you can take advantage of during Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the ability to watch price changes.
By putting an alert on a product you will receive notifications every time a shop lowers the price. You can be notified via email, SMS or push notifications on your phone.
This way, you do not need to remain glued to the screen to know whether any of the products you are interested in are on sale.

How to create alerts:

• Find the product that you are interested in on PriceSpy
• Click "Watch".
• Follow the instructions.

About Pricespy:
PriceSpy is a comprehensive price & product comparison service that strives to help consumers make the most informed buying decisions. Compare before you buy, we list everything from running shoes, LEGO, Perfume to laptops, smartphones and tablets. 



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