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Students spend £925 a year on takeaways

By Editor
Students spend £925 a year on takeaways

Ordering in food once in a while is a delicious treat. You know this, I know this, the whole of the UK knows this. But the question is: how much is too much when it comes to getting some delicious, albeit unhealthy cuisine delivered to your door?

Well, according to the food ordering service hungryhouse.co.uk have released some data that points away from the widely held, fixed view of students living on a diet of oven chips and budget chicken nuggets.

10,000 ac.uk email addresses from within university postcode areas the UK-based platform discovered that the average spend on takeaway food a month was £102.77, which equates to £924.90 each academic year.

Compared to non-students, the results are quite interesting, as those at university order take-aways at an average of 8.3 times a month, whereas the rest of Britain tends to order in 1.95 times a month.

So are students a load of greedy guts or are there any actual reasons for this?

Well, the CEO of hungryhouse.co.uk, Scott Fletcher, seems to think it's a smart move:

“If you take into account the time it takes to go shopping and the rising cost of ingredients, a decent home cooked meal can be about the same cost as a takeaway - students are prioritising socialising and studying over time spent in the kitchen."

The cities that topped the order poll were the home of the balti, Birmingham in first place, Manchester in second and Leeds in third, and the top three foods that were most likely to be ordered were pizza (1st), Indian (2nd) and Chinese (3rd).

Furthermore, the city most likely to indulge in a bit of sneaky late night ordering was Manchester, with Yorkshire cities Sheffield and Leeds coming in close second and third place respectively.

So are you spending your overdraft on greasy delights? Are you frugal, dropping money only on lentils and peas? Message us your TAKE AWAY from these findings on Twitter or Facebook.

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