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Students, how are you spending your money?

By Editor
Students, how are you spending your money?

When you're at university, you often have no permanent source of income, meaning that it is always good to be cost effective. However, on average, the thriftiness of students differs by each city, and Natwest have documented this in their latest Student Living Index.

Here are their findings:

Making money

Parents are affording an average of £114 to their child each week for expenses, with males getting a fiver more than females. However, in terms of making their own money, students spend an average time of four hours working and just 28 hours and 42 minutes in actual study time.

But who what city has the most economically sensible students? Well, it happens to be our neighbours in the north: Glasgow, who spend 2.5x more than they make. This is followed by Brighton, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

Food and Drink

Using a group of 2236 students from across the UK, the index has also revealed that the average spend on groceries a week is £24.60, with Glaswegians spending the most £28.90 and Reading students spend the least at £19.00.

In terms of eating out, Cambridge's biggest spenders drop £21.90 weekly on food, with the average across the country being £11.90, and the lowest being those studying at Norwich who pay a mere £8.40.

When it comes to alcohol, the students of party city Bristol spend £12.90 weekly and weirdly Cambridge spend the least on average at £6.80.


Being the most expensive place to travel around, it isn't surprising that student Londoners spend the most (£15.10), with the average being £6.50. The cycle-friendly Cambridge came bottom with students spending a ridiculous £1.50 a week on getting around.


So what do you spend the most on at uni and how do you acquire your cash? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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