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Student transport money-savers

By TheStudentGuide
Student transport money-savers

Get from A to B as cheaply as possible.

You probably wouldn’t have thought it before you came to university, but transport can actually be one of the biggest loan-guzzlers. Getting to and from uni, nights out and social activities all cost money – and if you’re doing that multiple times a week then the amount is really going to tot up. But there are some good deals around – have a look at this list to see the money you could be saving on transportation – money which could be much better spent on something else! That nice new winter coat for example, girls and boys...

Buy a railcard

The 16 – 25 Railcard is one of the biggest money savers there is. At just £28 for a whole year, it works out at just £2.33 a month and saves you a massive 1/3 on every single trip you make. This can mean serious savings if you’re travelling long-distance. For example, you save £16 when travelling from London to Birmingham; £31 from London to Newcastle and a whopping £41 if you travel from London to Glasgow. And they’re just a couple of examples – wherever you’re going, however short the distance, you save 1/3.

You’re eligible for this card if you’re aged 16 – 25, or are over 26 and sill in full time education. Head over to the website for more details and to purchase your railcard. Or for the more savvy amongst you, plan ahead and open your student bank account with Natwest to receive a 5 year railcard completely FREE. We love Natwest. 

Invest in a season ticket

If you’re making the same train journey more than 3 times a week, then a wise decision might be to splash the cash and invest in a season ticket. These tickets are heavily discounted and can mean great savings across short distance journeys, though they’re generally not available for long distance travelling. Check out the Season Ticket Calculator to see how much you could save on your route. You can also add PlusBus to your season ticket which gives you unlimited use of the buses around town. In addition, First has some great student savings on bus travel so have a look at their website and enter your university town to see if these are available near you. 

Shop around

It’s super easy to just go online and purchase the first ticket you see. However by using the calculators specially designed for the purpose, you can actually make some great savings. Always make sure you check www.thetrainline.com which will find you the cheapest available option for the journey you want to make, and it’s also worthwhile booking in advance as these tickets are often discounted.

Get taxis with friends

When it comes to nights out, taxis are the easiest and the safest option to take – they’ll get you from A to B quickly and safely. However you pay for the pleasure, which can often tot up. By far the cheapest option to take on a night out is to pool together and get a taxi or minibus for everyone. This ensures safety in numbers and guarantees you won’t be spending more than a tenner for the round trip – in most cases it’ll be much less. Find a reputable taxi company which you trust and stick with it – your students union or guild will have more information and some nice numbers for you to store in your phone.

On yer bike

Bikes are super cheap – you can pick one up for nearly nothing in local Buy Sells and papers. They cost nothing to run, give you exercise and will get you to your destination a lot faster than if you were to walk. Lots of students find bikes the most convenient way to get around and if you get one with a nice saddle bag or basket on the front then you can easily store all those lovely books you pick up from the library. Bikes are very romanticised, but they’re also very useful so have a scour of those local ads to see if there’s something suitable.

Walk places

As the winter approaches, it’ll be oh so tempting to hop on the bus or such like for short distance journeys. Which is fine – if you have a railcard or bus pass. However if you haven’t got round to that yet then these journeys will tot up. Grab your friend or your iPod and pick up the pace; you’ll be warmed up in no time and the money you just saved on your ticket can be invested in a nice hot cup of tea.

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