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Student drinking games: Hi Bob

By TheStudentGuide
Student drinking games: Hi Bob

Drinking games are a student staple the world over.

Intended to break the ice and encourage bonding (through everybody looking, sounding and generally acting silly), they are the ultimate in pre-drinking ritual.

There are a whole host of drinking games, many of which you will have played before, and there have many which have become tradition. Ring of Fire, 21s and Screw the Dealer are all student favourites.

This feature will bring to you one new drinking game each month so stock the fridge, grab some friends and prepare to drink.

This month’s featured drinking game is Hi Bob.

Hi Bob sounds like the easiest game in the world but it can get surprisingly tricky, especially as the night goes on, and that’s what you want in a drinking game; the harder the task, the more quickly flowing the drinks! For this game, all you need is friends and a willingness to comply.

The rules:

You cannot call anyone by their name without saying Bob first. So, “Emily, please pass the wine” would result in you drinking whereas “Bob Emily pass the wine” is a dodge.

When played alongside other drinking games, this one has the tendency to be lethal... HAPPY DRINKING!

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