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Stress-busting exam tips

By TheStudentGuide
Stress-busting exam tips

​Six suggestions to keep you on top of things.

It’s that most hated of all times, exam time, and what with the snow rearing it’s pretty little head this year, there are more distractions than ever to entice you away from those books. Which is not a bad thing — breaks are key when it comes to tackling revision effectively. Here is a list of several more handy tips to keep you on target, but most of all, content and realistic about the revision period ahead. Good luck!

Be realistic

We all wish that we could be the best and do the best and have the best and...more best things to that effect. The reality is that we can do what we can do — we can try our hardest and that’s it. Set yourself moderate and achievable targets and don’t expect to be able to memorise everything in the world about your subject. If you set yourself realistic tasks each day then you’ll feel better about yourself when you do master them. Simple.

Revise with friends but don’t talk about what you know right before the exam

It’s great to work with your friends and share your research and knowledge around; that way you can cover more ground and have some healthy debate to stir issues you may not otherwise have thought of. This is sensible up to about a week before an exam — anything more than that and it’s a stupid idea which you should not do. There’s nothing worse than casually enquiring about someone’s revision before an exam only to find out that they’re massively versed on a topic you haven’t even considered. Consider that.

Afford yourself little treats

It’s the little things in life that make the world go around, and whether that be treating yourself to a takeaway, watching your favourite TV show or grabbing a cup of coffee with your friend, these little rewards will make all the hard work feel worthwhile. Give yourself treats to aim for and feel blinking good about yourself when you get there...and then start again the next day.

Eat properly

When you eat crap, you feel like crap — that makes sense. By all means have a can of coke to keep you going or a Kit Kat Chunky to reward you efforts, and Monster Munch is kind of a staple. HOWEVER make sure that you’re getting proper meals and eat plenty of fish (brain food) and water for hydration. Once you find that balance, you’re away.

Take breaks

You can’t work solidly from 9am until 1am, you just can’t. So make sure you’re taking time out every now and then — go and make a cup of tea or watch that Who Wants to be a Millionaire? re-run. With those answers in the bag, you’ll feel much better about remembering the information for your actual exam!

Don’t try to revise with Facebook open

It doesn’t work.

Get plenty of sleep

And if all else fails, take a nap! Sleeping (thankfully) is a must and you’re gonna have to get some now and then, particularly when you have a busy schedule. Work out how much sleep you want to have each night and then go grab it; you will not be able to function otherwise. Most of all, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before the exam — there’s nothing worse than heavy lids when you’re trying to remember that tricky quotation...

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