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Stale bread? No problem!

By Liam Brennan
Stale bread? No problem!

Bread! We all love it… until it goes stale that is, in which case it’s swiftly removed from the kitchen and thrown away, or at best will end up feeding some hungry ducks.

Throwing away bread is always such a begrudging experience. Nobody likes to waste food, especially cash-strapped students. But student houses are one of the main places where such waste occurs, largely because each house members often buys their own food.

However, just because bread has gone stale it doesn’t necessarily become inedible. There are many tasty recipes that any student can devise which will ensure that no bread gets wasted.

(With all of these recipes, ensure that your bread is stale but not mouldy!)

Bread Pudding

Perhaps the most effective dish that will make good use for all your stale bread is a traditional bread pudding; a meal sure to delight the halls of any student accommodation. It’s also one of the simplest desserts you will make!

Start by tearing up the bread into a large bowl and then add 500g of dried fruit, 85g of mixed peel and half a tablespoon of mixed spice.

Next add enough milk to make the whole mixture marinate well and then stir thoroughly until the bread is completely broken up. Next add two eggs into the mixture along with 140g of sugar and a dash of lemon. Give it all another good stir and leave it to stand for fifteen minutes.

Now add 100g of melted butter before pouring the mixture into a lightly greased non-stick baking tray and cooking at 180c for roughly 90 minutes, checking its progress occasionally.

When you’ve finished cooking you can make the whole meal more interesting by adding additional fruit segments, such as fresh strawberries to create a delicious strawberry bread pudding, or if you have a sweet tooth, serve the pudding with ice cream or custard also makes for an adventurous alterative.

Breaded Mini Pizzas

This is a great dish that everyone is sure to love! Whether it’s served as a snack or part of a larger meal, a house of students will relish this easy to prepare delight.
Any kind of bread is fine for this recipe, which is made by simply spreading tomato puree and grated cheese over the top of a slice of bread before adding optional ingredients like peppers and onions.

Next just heat the topped bread in the oven until crispy, giving you a healthier alterative to greasy takeaway pizzas. Nobody will ever know the bread is stale.

Garlic Bread

Making garlic bread couldn’t be simpler. Just spread butter onto a slice before sprinkling crushed or minced garlic onto it.

Now place the bread under the grill for five minutes, or however long it needs to become brown and crispy, and there you have it – delicious, ready-to-serve garlic bread!

Of course, garlic bread is best enjoyed when part of a larger meal, such as a being a side to a soup, salad or pasta dish, but however you enjoy it, the delicious garlic-and-butter taste will hide the fact that the bread is stale, and you just know that your housemates will want some too. Watch that bread disappear fast!

Gazpacho Soup

Okay, so this is a slightly more adventurous concoction. Gazpacho soup is a popular Spanish dish ideal for serving as a meal for all your housemates.

To make Gazpacho you must first crush up plenty of breadcrumbs which are used to then marinate in a bowl of water before you add blended tomato slices into the mixture. Next add cucumber slices, salt, pepper and olive oil.

If you want to make your Gazpacho soup be a bit more adventurous, feel free to add some herbs and spice into the mixture, although be sure to use only a small amount.

Gazpacho is traditionally served ice cold, but a lush hot serving will be ideal for those cold winter months in student housing.

In addition to these, there are many other delicious meals that stale bread can turn into. So what are you waiting for? Get in that kitchen and start cooking today!

Have you got any other recipes that are perfect for stale bread? Tweet us!

Liam Brennan is a member of the GKBC writing academy who learnt many quick and easy cooking tips in his student days.

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