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St Andrews end freshers fun with ‘Raisin weekend’, foam fight ensues

By Editor
St Andrews end freshers fun with ‘Raisin weekend’, foam fight ensues

It's an alleged 600 year tradition, and this year, students of Scotland's oldest university had no intention of breaking ritual as the institution's Raisin Weekend ended with a bang.



Originally a custom whereby students thanked their 'academic parents' (second or third year students) with raisins for giving them a warm welcome, today they are more

likely to be brandished with some form of alcoholic beverage.

In the past, after the bequeathing of the dried grapes, the fresher would be handed some form of receipt of acknowledgement from their academic parents, and the practice is unsuccessful the first year would be then dunked in the university fountain. Sounds very odd and slightly sinister, right?

Well, nowadays it's a little bit different. Regardless of the receipt being handed over as proof, there is a humongous foam fight at the university's Lower College Lawn.



The usual routine looks like this:

Sunday 19 October

12pm: head over to your academic mum's for lunch, cake, and fun games with your academic family (remember to bring a nice gift)
5pm: head over to you academic dad's for dinner, snacks, and fun games with your academic siblings (remember to bring a nice gift)

Monday 20 October

8am: breakfast
9am: head over to your academic mum's and she will dress you up in a costume
10am: head over to your academic dad's and he will give you your Raisin receipt
11am: Foam Fight on Lower College Lawn (entrance via North Street)

How did your university brings fresher’s week to a close?

At my institution we set a 60ft wooden horse on a fire and propelled it through the city centre of Brighton, inciting an unprecedented level of mass panic and confusion. Just your usual university hijinks.

Anyway, tell us what you did via Twitter or Facebook.

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