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Pint + curry

By TheStudentGuide
Pint + curry

Culinary Perfection!

It’s widely accepted that pint glugging is an essential student pastime, many almost seeing it as a rite of passage.
Wouldn’t it be great to tell your parents that all that beer swilling was actually an essential culinary trait, and you were merely enhancing your palatable experience?

And you are following in the footsteps of your ancestors? With the facts and know-how maybe you’ll be able to do just that, as well as impressing your friends with all your beer filled knowledge!

Beer is a great drink at any occasion, but it’s not students or yuppies, or even the kings and queens of old who introduced us to the yard of ale or pint of bitter. It actually goes back much further than that.

According to Live Science, Beer could be predated to circa 10,000 BC and is attributed to the region of Mesopotamia, which is currently known as Iraq (ironically now a Islamic Country, therefore sans alcohol).

Production would have mostly have come about during crop farming or has also been suggested, created completely by accident like many great inventions, when some bread or grain was found fermented in some water.

Although we may have been enjoying this tipple for quite some time, the combination of beer and curry is a lot more recent one. The British soldiers who occupied India during the Raj in the 19th century were in desperate need of finding a drink to accompany their now frequent spicy meals, and it is said that beer was sent over from England as it was the only beverage that could withstand the arduous journey whilst retaining its full flavour.

Beer or lager is known to be light and thirst-quenching, something which became essential when eating a Madras for example. Not only that, it actually compliments the food, the carbon or fizz invigorating the palate and allowing the full flavour of the dish to be savoured.

If you’re wondering which of the thousands of beers available are best for your curry than you need look no further they your local Indian to find the answer. Kingfisher and Cobra have become the favourites of these establishments, in fact Cobra have run an entire advertising campaign on this premise alone (see YouTube link below).

But if you can’t get your hands on these straight away the Carlsberg pint is more than sufficient for a late night Vindaloo. So go out and enjoy your next beer and curry combination, safe in the knowledge that you are following in the tradition of your forefathers.

Watch the YouTube video .

by Sunny Sharma

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