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Oi Fresher things you need to know….Part 2

By Editor
Oi Fresher things you need to know….Part 2

You need to know these things.. 

With freshers' week upon us, here is the second part of the 20 essential must-know facts about student life!


11. Sign up for free-choice modules early

When you’re given the option to choose your modules, don’t hang about. The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to get stuck in the most unimaginably dull class about the history of dust, or something similar.


12. Get a 16-25 Railcard

Cuts a third off the cost of your train ticket. Brings the cost of your ticket down from ‘obscene’ to ‘almost reasonable’.


13. Sign up for a student bank account, but don’t sign up for a credit card

Student bank accounts have benefits, such as interest-free overdrafts. Credit cards do not.

14. Get a good souvenir

Whether it’s a traffic cone, a poster from your favourite club, or someone’s abandoned mouldy sofa, these things will have the kind of sentimental value that money simply cannot buy.


15. Get off with someone

It’ll either make a funny story, or you could end up being one of those sickening lovey-dovey couples who stay together for the rest of university.


16. Join societies and get involved

Universities have loads of groups and countless volunteering opportunities. You’ll not only make friends outside of your course and your flat, but it’ll also give you bragging rights on your CV.


7. Don’t go home every weekend

Your housemates might think you’re weird, and your parents will get worried.


18. You’ll always know someone cleverer than you

You may have been the class swot in Sixth Form, but there is always a bigger brainiac at uni. Don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s okay to be second best.


19. There will always be one story people will remember you for

You will no longer be labelled as the ‘geek’ or the ‘goth’. You will instead take on a more individual tag, such as ‘that girl/guy who chundered out the window of a high-rise block of student flats’. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


20. Time flies

University begins and ends in the blink of an eye. It’s cheesy, but make the most of it. 

Have fun

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