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National Sandwich Day: how to make the perfect sarnie

By Editor
National Sandwich Day: how to make the perfect sarnie

The humble sarnie has been a lunchtime saviour since the 18th Century, helping us in our time of need and hunger.

Today is a national holiday in which we honour one of the most convienient fioods ever. Whether you're rushing to a lecture with one clasped in your paws, or actually taking the time out to sit down at a table without any interruptions, the sandwich is always a fail-safe option, especially seeing as they come in a whole host of varieties.

So to mark this special day, we scoured the internet, looking for an expert who could teach us more, and found a man known as Phil Wilbur Roberts. Phil has eaten sandwiches all over the world, from Vietnam to New York, and documents his findings in his blog, Mega Sandwich.

We obtained his location and demanded he teach us how to make the best sandwich ever. Luckily, he obliged without much of a struggle, and here it is: the Chicken Club with Sriracha chili mayo.

What you'll need:

Chicken breasts
Ripe avocado
Gem lettuce
Sriracha Sauce
A good white bloomer

Salt and pepper (to season)

Step one

Put some cling film on some free range, organic (we're not savages) chicken, bash it flat with a rolling pin or some other kind of blunt utensil and get it frying for about 8 minutes.

Step two

Once the chicken is done take it off the pan and place it on a plate, then throw some rashers of bacon on the pan.

Step three

Whilst the bacon sizzles, slice your avocado into strips.

Step four

Mix your chili sauce in a small bowl with some mayo; adjust according to how much spice you like.

Step five

Spread the sauce over the bread and begin layering. We went with lettuce, chicken, avocado and finally, bacon. You can go rogue on this, but we can't be held responsible if it isn't a taste sensation.

Step six

Season with salt and pepper

Step seven

Eat aforementioned sandwich.

And so like magic, here is a quick runthrough via Instagram:



A video posted by @josephtinkler on




A video posted by @josephtinkler on


Are you going to eat a sammie doozle today? Well, join the club by sending us a snap of it in via Twitter or Facebook.

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