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More and more Britons are celebrating Thanksgiving. Why?

By Editor
More and more Britons are celebrating Thanksgiving. Why?

Americans celebrate the day of Thanksgiving due to a vaguely recorded account of a meal between the pilgrims and puritans, which may or may not have happened.

During the meal, Carnibus Walmart and his wife, declared: "Today we forage alone; tomorrow we set up some sort of chain of outlets in which we can purchase all the items required for a satisfactory dinner" to the hearty roar of those at the feast.

Today the celebration is still going strong, but surprisingly its influence has started to seep into the public consciousness of the humble Briton, as the Daily Mail recently reported.

'But why?' you must be asking. Well, let's consider how them pesky Americans have done it. Right after I finish my turkey sammich, that is.

The aftermath AKA a turkey sandwich


'Eh? But Christmas is Christmas and Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving'. Hey,just hear me out, you fool.

Just look out the window for a moment. What do you see? Frost on cars, drizzle on the roads and grumpy people everywhere - so grumpy that they would spit in your face should you accidentally brush them as you walk past.

A Christmas tree

And with a month to go before the sacred yuletide celebration that we all enjoy on December 25th, sometimes it feels like we deserve a sumptuous roast to make up for what feels like an eternity till the real deal. I know I do. I've been salivating over all the Christmas adverts for a while now. I have even considered what roast penguin would taste like, or worse still, that disgusting five bird roast that Peter Andre is accosting unsuspecting members of the public with.

American television sitcoms


Whilst many acknowledge Fawlty Towers or The Office as their favourite comedy, you cannot deny the influence that U.S sitcoms have had on our lives.

Who could forget that time Brad Pitt came to Thanksgiving dinner and smoldered around the Friends apartment, or when the gang played football in the park on Thanksgiving, or the time Monica and Chandler bickered over something frivolous? There was even that one when Monica put a turkey on her head and put oversized sunglasses on it. That, my friends, was comedy, and we registered it, let it filter into our subconscious and it became a thing that we were all collectively aware of.

Fast forward to today. We've adopted the methods and practices of the Halloween in America, so the next natural leap would be Thanksgiving, and why not? A roast dinner on a Thursday? Madness.

The dinner itself

A pre-christmas roast or 'a thanksgiving meal'

Yes, it may be obvious to say, but us Brits love a roast like no other nation. Whatever the occasion, a roast pleases all. Vegetarian? That's fine; just eat the delicious veg. Vegan? That's fine; just eat the delicious veg that hasn't been dairy-tainted. Don't like roasted food? That's fine; get out of my house and whoever invited you can vacate, too, you oddball.

We're fatter than ever

A large man wondering where his next pint of gravy is coming from

Every day a report comes out that discusses how fat we are as a nation, and yet we're still going wild on terrible food. So why wouldn't we turn our heads to America to look for inspiration.

In terms of their cuisine it's like they went up to a toddler and said, 'hey kid, what do you think would be a delicious meal?' For instance, In Iowa it's customary for people to eat a 'Snickers salad' at Thanksgiving, which is a combination of chopped up Snickers, Granny Smith apples, whipped cream and marshmallows.

The infamous Snickers salad Image via: www.larkscountryheart.com (they have an awesome recipe for it)

In Utah, as well, it is not uncommon to see a Frogeye salad at the dinner table - a salad that combines pasta, fruit, marshmallows and egg yolk. What is this? George's Marvelous Medicine? Still, though, us Brits are not far off being the chubbiest people on earth, so I can see these ridiculous dishes making their way to our shops very soon.

So as our American cousins across the pond celebrate their special day, why don't we do the same and stuff our fat faces with whatever we can roast or chop up into a ridiculous type 2 diabetes-inducing salad.


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