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Make the most of your time and get earning this summer!

By Sj.Cliff
Make the most of your time and get earning this summer!

It’s summer time! Yahhooooo!

Most of you can breathe a sigh of relief! Exams (possibly even uni) is over and you’ve got a tonne of time on your hands.

But if the thought of watching Bargain Hunt in your pants while your parents give you a dirty look isn’t doing it for you; then you need a summer job. We all need a helping hand, so here are a few cheats.


Start looking ASAP!

Yes, you’re free now and it may seem like an awesome time to catch up on some sleep or precious gaming. However, companies can start looking for summer staff from as early as March. Getting in early not only puts you at the top of the pile but also makes you look keen to get into a roll – giving you an ace first impression before you’ve even been interviewed.

Clean up that CV!

Studies have shown that an employer can tell you’re good for a roll after looking at a CV for all of 6.25 seconds. There are abound to be tonnes of other people looking to fill the roll you’re applying for so you have to stand out… quickly. This means keeping your CV short, putting all relevant experience and information first. You’re GCSE’s are important – just don’t let them take up a whole page!

Pay attention to those application forms!

We know, filling in the same-ish form 100 times can be super dull, but it has to be done. Different companies may be looking for different skills, meaning copying and pasting the same cover notes/personality descriptions/ect could lose you a position. Take a little bit of time to understand what you’re actually applying for and write with that in mind.

Don’t just hit the chains!

We’ve touched upon big chains but smaller businesses would love an enthusiastic student to give them a hand over summer. Nip into local shops and ask them if they have any empty roles. You never know what you could land.

Get recruited!

If stalking shops and the internet aren’t working out, a recruitment agency could be your next step in the right direction. Their job is to find you a job based on your skills and experience, so let them do their thing!

Once you’ve actually got an interview, don’t ruin it for yourself. You may not have got your dream job just yet but this is a steppingstone towards your end goal. Dress well, be positive and enthusiastic and the job’s as good as yours.

Time to start making some money and treating yourself a little – you’ve earned it.


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