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Kick off Student Money Week with these purse friendly Valentines gifts

By Sj.Cliff
Kick off Student Money Week with these purse friendly Valentines gifts

It’s Student Money Week! Wahoo money!

National Student Money Week is an event covered by all universities, highlighting the financial advisory services at Unions across the country.

To celebrate this year’s Student Money Week's theme of Relationships and Partnerships, we thought we’d give you a few ideas about how to treat the one you love on a student budget.

In all seriousness, being let loose with a tonne of cash may feel pretty epic and may compel you to spend it all on junk… but stop! That’s a TERRIBLE idea. Why not try one of these instead?

Treat your lover for less

Spending: £20

Twenty quid is a lot to spend on Valentines Day (a pretend holiday, yeah we said it!), so you may as well go for gold. Fragrance is a great way to look and smell classy. It’s also around now that all their offers start too! Grab your beau a bottle of something that smells delicious and just wait for the compliments come rolling in.

The Perfume Shop has even sorted their Valentines deals into categories to make shopping even easier!

Spending: £10 (A normal amount) 

This one’s going to take a little skill, but it’s totally worth it. Two words… PINIATA CAKE! This cute little heart shaped cake is hiding a collection of Love Heart sweeties. They’re perfect conversation starters and a delicious addition to an already awesome cake.

heart piniata cake

We’ve had a little scour of the shops and all the ingredients you’ll need are included in your budget!

Spending: £5

If you don’t intend on spending a lot on your valentines’ gift, you have room for humour. Hopefully, you know your partner well enough to know what they’ll find funny/offensive. If you are struggling, we could only find smutty/foody things. (One track minds, what can we say?)

Aphrodisiac bath soakStar Wars condom

chocolate jellybean pizza


You really can’t get anything sentimental for this much money – so why not make something? Invest your little funds by buying some nice paper and a few pens and create a personalised card.

handmade obiwan card

It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw; it’s the effort that counts. Don’t believe me? Why else would parents put these on the fridge?

bad drawing

Spending: less than that...

Well done for saving! A little cheap, but still.

If you want to be a total cheapskate (and a little bit odd) you could always waste your time making your loved one these special grapey-things!

grape hearts

Created by Pinterest user Eats Amazing, heart shaped grapes may not seem like a lot but they’re sure to melt your sweetys heart. Simple to make, costing next to nothing – the best way to keep tabs on you money and let someone know you care.

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