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It’s just around the corner guys and girls – exam time yay!

By Sj.Cliff
It’s just around the corner guys and girls – exam time yay!

Many of you will be preparing for (possibly your last) exams. It can be a super nervous time for even the coolest of students but trust us, the revision is worth it!

We all need a little help in the revision department, even if it is a kick in the butt.

So here are a few tricks to stave of boredom and inch you on your way to a first!

Get colourful!

Colour coding work doesn’t just make it look awesome – it can help key facts say in your brain. Casual doodling can aid concentration and recall as well.

Just don’t let it take over.

Space out your sessions!

Studies have shown that people who leave breaks between revision sessions are far more likely to get higher grades than all you crammers out there.

Less time revising for better results – winner!

Put on a playlist!

Create an hour-long playlist of your favourite or most motivational tunes. Not only will it make staring at the books a bit more fun, but once your playlist is over you know you’ve done your time.

No more checking your phone for the time… or checking it for Twitter.

Make a little quiz!

Revision is better when you know you aren’t alone, but revision days quickly turn into mass tv-watching time. Make learning with your mates fun in the style of a pub quiz

Loser buys the first round after your exams!

Make Sticky Notes!

A few well-placed stickies can really stick facts to your brain. Every time you go for a snack or a cheeky wee, you can absorb a bit of info!

History on the back of your toilet door, psychology on your fridge, journo on your iPod, English by the kettle.

Your exams may be tough, but it’s worth it for what comes afterwards. Stay strong guys!

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