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How to study English-taught degrees abroad, tuition free

By Aalborg University
How to study English-taught degrees abroad, tuition free

Did you know that studying at Aalborg University in Denmark is free for all EU/EAA students?

In return for paying one of the world’s highest tax levels, Danes enjoy a variety of perks encompassed in a Scandinavian welfare society including free education, which you as an EU/EEA student are also eligible for. However, that is by no means all that Aalborg University has to offer.

Why study at Aalborg University?

  • You can choose from over 60 study programmes taught in English
  • You will work in project-oriented groups
  • You will have the opportunity to cooperate with businesses during your studies
  • You will work hands-on with topics of your own choice
  • You have the opportunity to do an internship in Denmark or abroad

A unique study method

Aalborg University’s study method, the Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning, is a unique and internationally recognised study method.

Each semester, you will work in a group to write a large project. The project takes its point of departure in a real life problem defined by you, meaning that you decide what you want to research within a given thematic framework.

You can draw inspiration for topics and theory through lectures and you will be assigned a supervisor to guide you through the process.

Work experience and cooperating with businesses

Working with real life problems provides you with an excellent opportunity to cooperate with a company on your project.

Perhaps you have ideas for a new marketing campaign or maybe you would like to research why a company’s organisational structure is particularly successful or unsuccessful? By working with a company, you gain practical experience and may get to see your ideas realised.

At most of Aalborg University’s study programmes, you have the option of doing an internship in Denmark or abroad. Doing an internship is an excellent chance to acquire practical work experience and to expand your professional network and may help you to stand out compared to other job hunters.

Find more than 60 English study programmes and other information at Aalborg University’s Studyguide.

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