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How to create the perfect study den

By Sj.Cliff
How to create the perfect study den

Exams are nearly upon us, and while you may feel like grabbing a duvet and hiding we think NOW is the perfect time to create a revision den. All the practicalities of the library, without that creeper on another pc staring at you all the time… or that weird couple that just won’t stop making out…

Before you begin your revision, there are a few essentials you really need to get your hands on. Don’t panic! We’ve made you a handy little checklist you can write down and tick off as you go:

PC (optional printer is awesome)
Bottle of water
A comfy place to sit/pillows to make your chair comfy
Stationary - pens, pencils and highlighters are a must.
Healthy snacks

The textbooks and stationary are pretty self-explanatory, but why snacks? Healthy food is great for your brain. Combined with the hydrating effects of drinking water, you’re mid will be beyond ready to absorb even the hardest theories with these babies on standby. That and it means you don’t have any excuses to get up and distract yourself in the kitchen.

Now you’ve gathered your revision kit, you need to think about the area in which you study. It can have a massive effect.

Get a good atmosphere!

Choose a well-lit area to set up – While natural light is best, you may not have access to it (have you seen the weather lately?!) so a lamp will do. Your area should also ideally be quiet. No, we aren’t trying to bore you to death – a little music is alright – but background noise from your flatmates messing around or the TV being on is awfully distracting and can impact your ability to retain your notes.

Keep it clean!

As the age old saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Have a quick clean-up of the area around your revision zone. Without all the clutter around you’ll be free to sprawl your notes out and look at them properly.

Social blackout!

If you’re studying on your computer, you might get the urge to see what’s happening on Facebook for a second… then a second become half an hour and you’ve lost precious time! Mute all your notifications (that includes your phone) and lock your profiles until you’re finished. That way you have no distractions. There is a huge selection off browser add-on’s that lock pages for a certain amount of time, just check out this article on WikiHow.


Finally, our favourite. Take regular breaks! You may feel like Super(wo)man by staying up all night cramming but in reality, you really aren’t helping yourself. Revision should ideally be broken up with 10 minute breaks every half an hour, giving you enough time to digest the information you’ve just revised.

Do you have any other tips you think will help? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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