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Healthy study snacks

By Sam
Healthy study snacks

Eating while studying

If you’re the kind of person with a desk worthy of the Nutty Professor – drawers filled with choclate bars; packets of crisps where your pencil case should be; biscuit crumbs in every crevice of your keyboard – maybe it’s time for a snack swap.

Unless you’re after Sherman Klump’s curvaceous physique, you’re in danger of gaining an unwanted procrastination pot-belly. Here at The Student Guide, we’re just as guilty of desktop snacking as anybody else.

We’ve tried and tested the best and the worst of healthy procrastination treats and found a few to help you reach the end of your essays.

  • A strawberry smoothie with marshmallows. Put a few strawberries and some milk in a blender and add a couple of marshmallows at the end to make it feel indulgent! If it’s not strawberry season, opt for frozen berries instead.
  • Half a low fat bagel with low fat cream cheese. Bagels have a satisfyingly sweet taste without the added calories. 
  • A few slices of Malt Loaf. This is sweet and chewy, like a delicious bread-cake lovechild
  • A small bag of banana chips. The healthy variety are the dried banana chips rather than the fried ones. Generally the bananas are coated with honey or sugar for that sweet kick you need.
  • A low fat chocolate bar such as a Flyte or a Blue Riband instead a calorie-laden bad-boy such as a Snickers
  • Choose a bowl of Shreddies rather than Crunchy Nut Clusters (1 g fat v 6.3g per 50g, well according to www.weightlossresources.co.uk) They also fill you up as they are made of wholegrain, so you’ll want less snacks anyway!
  • 1 bag of Twiglets has 3.2 g fat per bag vs. Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps at 11.2 gs
  • Snack A Jacks are low fat, low calorie and surprisingly tasty (especially the caramel flavour), despite seemingly being made of cardboard and air.
  • If you are being really good then go for some fresh or frozen fruit.
  • Raw carrot sticks or celery with the added treat of hummus
  • Whole grain bread pitas or crackers with low fat peanut butter for a quick boost.
  • Natural yogurt with honey is a delicious and cheap treat.
  • A handful of nuts (tastes even better with added raisins)
  • Chocolate – switch to dark chocolate as it’s much better for you than milk chocolate, which is very fatty. Also always buy a small bar so that you aren’t tempted to eat the a huge one – even if it’s discounted, don’t go there
  • Crisps – go for Walkers Baked instead of full fat Pringles.

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