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Hangover? No thanks

By TheStudentGuide
Hangover? No thanks

The pros of sticking to soft drinks

At university most people’s social lives revolve around alcohol; but should this social stigma alienate those few who stick to their guns and still don’t drink?

University can be an extremely daunting time for undergraduates; there are a huge amount of worries that it entails but what if your worry is something that should come as an excitement to everyone else? As more of the youth today find the need to drink it has become alien that you will find a teen today that doesn’t, or has it?

To some people’s surprise quite a few Freshers choose not to drink at university whether it’s due to religious, cultural or just personal reasons. Those who don’t drink therefore be worried for their social life.

This stereotyping, which is mainly due to the media, has put a tag of Freshers as alcohol fueled drunks. It’s difficult to be invited out for drinks and not ‘drink’ anything alcoholic.

Mostly people hope they don’t get stamped as a buzz-kill but alcohol shouldn’t affect your sense of fun! Just because you don’t drink doesn’t mean that when you go out you’re going to sit in the corner fold your arms and legs and sulk, whilst everyone else dances and chats.

All you need to do is break the stereotype and have fun in the first week; if you feel like the outcast that’s how you will portray yourself.

There does seem to be a judgemental form of separation between the drinkers and non drinkers, sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to be drunk around a sober person, and a defensive side gets put up, people can feel judged or frowned upon, so it’s best to be aware of this.

Pros to not drinking

Without the drink you can also focus mainly on the social aspect of things and actually remember people’s name in the morning!

There is also a financial downside to drinking at university, with the average price of a pint up to £2.80! And when you’re a student every penny is gold.

By only drinking three pints a week you are spending around £477.36 a year on beer and in three pints there is an average count of 600 calories!

Drinking can make you unaware of your surroundings and as these are new friends you cannot fully rely on the people around you. This could possibly lead to putting yourself in a dangerous position.

by Roisin Flannery

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