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Gizzi Erskine interview

By Emma
Gizzi Erskine interview

Celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine has got her slender fingers in all the pies

Best known for presenting Cook Yourself Thin, Gizzi has since gone on to make magic in the kitchen with her very first cookery book; she has shared her culinary wisdom in Channel 4’s Cookery School; and is now the (gorgeous) face of British Lion Eggs.

The Student Guide caught up with Gizzi about her obsession with eggs, her guilty pleasures and her plans for Christmas 2011...

Do you like your eggs hard boiled or soft boiled?

I like my eggs all ways. I couldn't even tell you which way I have them most. So long as the yolk is gooey I'm all good.

What’s your first food memory?

Peeling veggies, standing on a stool over the sink while helping my mum prep the Sunday lunch and getting really excited about making her queen of puds or lemon surprise pudding as I'd get to lick the bowl.

What’s your worst food memory?

Any time I had to eat corn on the cob. I hated it. Love it now so I'm over it!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Anything deep fried. But if I'm honest I'm all about everything in moderation so don't allow myself to get too guilty about it.

Do you like marmite?

I love marmite. Especially with eggs. Marmite fingers with dippy eggs or on toast with a poached egg is my favourite breaky.

Who is your favourite TV chef?

Anthony Bourdain, and I think Jamie Oliver deserves a proper knighthood for all the work he does for food.

What music do you like to play whilst cooking in your kitchen?

Depends what I'm cooking. I like Louis Prima for dinner party cooking and punk or 60s garage for anything fast and furious.

Can you offer any tips to students cooking on a budget?

Eat lots of lean protein that's good value. Eggs are not just for breakfast as they make great curries or are great in or on fried rices or noodles and they are super fast too.

Christmas is only a matter of weeks away. Will you be cooking traditional turkey, or something a bit more exciting?

My mum cooks and we eat turkey. I love it though and think we should eat more of it year round.

Will you be having a Cook Yourself Thin style Christmas, or do you believe in festive indulgence?

No way. I will be eating for England.

You’re famous for your sense of fashion. If you had to choose between food and clothes, which would you go for?

Food every time. I am actually totally rubbish at fashion and dress because I'm into 60s music. All my friends dress like me. It's nothing special. I don't know how else to dress as I've been dressing like it or years.

What do you do when you’re not cooking?

We go to gigs, galleries, I entertain, I love X Factor and we have dinner parties most Saturdays and rant at the TV. I love films too. Just normal stuff. I love being fed so going to restaurants is my favourite thing to do.

View the full collection of Gizzi’s Meals in Minutes recipes at www.eggrecipes.co.uk/mealsinminutes or keep checking back at The Student Guide!

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