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Five tasty cheese recipes

By Sophie
Five tasty cheese recipes

Delicious and simple!

Cheese is a wonderful ingredient: versatile, distinctive and authentic, it is well worth investing in. Even if you are a little strapped for cash, a good cheese will liven up the dullest of dishes and get your taste buds tanging!

Here are five of our favourite cheese dishes, each with a fresh and appealing twist.

Boursin mushrooms with bacon and rocket

Boursin is a French soft cheese flavoured with garlic and herbs. Deliciously creamy, it’s divine smothered over large flat mushrooms with crispy shredded smoked bacon and rocket. Wash the mushrooms and place in an oven proof dish with a little water. Smooth a good helping of cheese over the dark part of the mushrooms and place in the oven on a medium heat until the mushrooms are soft. In the meantime, slice the smoked bacon and fry until crispy. Scatter over the mushrooms and serve with a rocket garnish and black pepper. 

Feta salad

This Greek cheese is sharp, tangy and fabulous served as part of a Mediterranean salad. For a true feast, wash Cos lettuce in very cold water. Pat dry and arrange on a large dish. Chop cucumber into small chunks, half cherry tomatoes, throw in black marinated olives and sliced red onion and crumble over a sizable chunk of feta. Coat in a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon thyme. Serve with warm pita breads.

Cheddar cheese burger

One of the English classics, cheddar is probably the cheese with which we are most familiar. Cheddar is also rather overlooked with many of us settling for a cheese and cucumber sarnie rather than an extravagant cheddar creation. We suggest that you ditch the plastic slice cheese, and grate fresh cheddar over your homemade burger instead. Expect a more rounded flavour and extra tang!

Baked Camembert

This recipe is so well loved that we think a reminder is in order! Baked camembert with roasted garlic, served with toasted ciabatta is a foodie heaven. Take a bulb of garlic and slice the top off. Place cut side down in a roasting tin and cover in garlic and black pepper. After 40 minutes of roasting, add the camembert (scored with a cross) and cook until the cheese is warm and gooey. Take the tin out of the oven and leave the garlic and cheese to cool. Slice the bread and toast and pop in the oven until crisp and golden. Serve all together on a large platter.

Mascarpone Tiramisu

Now to a sweet dish. Tiramisu is an Italian classic and is super easy to throw together ahead of a dinner party. You will need a large pot of double cream, a tub of mascarpone cheese, 100ml of brandy, 300ml of strong black coffee, a pack of sponge fingers, 5 tbsp sugar and a slab of dark chocolate. Start by whipping together the cream, mascarpone and sugar. Pour the coffee and booze into a bowl. Dip in the sponge fingers before laying them in a dish. Cover the fingers with a layer of the cream mixture and grate over a dusting of chocolate. Repeat the process, finishing on a layer of cream. Dust with cocoa powder and shave over a generous layer of chocolate. For best results, cover and chill in the fridge overnight.     

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