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Energy (and money) saving tips for Climate Week

By Sj.Cliff
Energy (and money) saving tips for Climate Week

It’s Climate Week guys!

Climate Weeks aim is an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence in combatting climate change. It highlights the positive steps being taken across the country and provides ideas to inspire communities to get involved in the prevention of climate change and the saving of energy.

Saving energy isn’t just great for the planet, it’s great for your wallet. The average home spends over £100 a month on electricity – imagine what that extra cash could get you!

Here are a few energy (and money) saving tips:

Don’t overfill the kettle! Not only does this save time (more work… or tweeting) but it saves on electricity.

Grab a layer! If you get cold don’t reach for the thermostat, just grab a jumper. Simple right?

Set those timers! If the jumper isn’t cutting it then make the most of a timed thermostat. Turning the heating on for a few hours in the morning and a few hours before bed keeps your house toasty and efficient.

Turn out the lights! Oioi! Only kidding. But if you aren’t using a room there’s no need for the lights to be on now is there?

Embrace lids! Not literally. Putting a lid on top of saucepans saves around 90% of the energy it would take you to cook food. That and food is cooked way quicker.

Stand by for savings! A lot of appliances use energy even when they aren’t in use. The little red light on your TV and the clock on the microwave are a couple of great examples. Turn things off at the wall and watch the pennies come rolling in.

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