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Eat yourself brainy! Top meal plans that pack punch!

By Sophie
Eat yourself brainy! Top meal plans that pack punch!

After reading our article Beat Exam Stress, you will know that you need a decent diet in order to function at full throttle.

However, knowing what makes a brain boosting buffet takes a little research, and who has time to do that with the examination room of doom on the horizon?!

Doing the hard work so you don’t have to, The Student Guide has put together a lip-smackin’ array of meals to crank up your concentration and power your pen!


- Wholegrain toast or bran-style cereal with fruit: immediate but slow burning energy fix and high in fibre.


-Natural yogurt, oats and blueberries: keep your intestines, bones and brain happy with this dish. The blueberries especially are packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants which keep you heart and memory healthy.   

-Toasted bagel with peanut butter: oozing in cholesterol reducing monounsaturated fat and high in immune boosting vitamin E, peanut butter is our favourite necessary naughty treat!


-Grilled bacon, poached eggs and grilled fresh tomato:  this is defo a case of naughty cured meat (though grilling reduces fat!) vs. fantastic vitamin D enriched eggs and our favourite super food, the humble tomato! Enjoy this fresh fry-up with wholemeal toast and a cup of tea!  

- Roasted parsnip, butternut squash and carrot soup: this tantalising trio not only blends into a creamy, delicious soup, it also jumps through many healthy hoops!  All these veg are low in calories and high in fibre, and together they provide vitamins to help your bones, heart, eyesight, muscles and teeth!


-Fajitas with guacamole: Fajitas can soon turn into a big calorie fest, so beware of destroying all their nutritional value with oodles of cheese and oil. To keep them light and fresh lightly fry your peppers and onions but keep them crunchy! Add chicken for protein and make a fresh avocado and tomato guacamole to pack in some extra goodness! Eat with the fajitas or buy some vegetable crisps and consume as a dip.     

-Salmon with orange and ginger:  this dish is a vitamin show stopper. All those salmon omega oils are great for your brain and joints, and the fresh orange, ginger and garlic will do wonders for your immune system! Get a microwavable dish and whack in your salmon fillet. Squeeze in the juice of a large orange, add a tablespoon of honey, a good thumb sized chunk of grated ginger, half a crushed garlic clove and two tablespoons of soy sauce. Slosh around you salmon, cover with cling film, and microwave on low until the salmon flakes. Serve with fluffy rice.


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