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Beat exam stress!

By Sophie
Beat exam stress!

Top tips for recognising exam stress, and beating it.

Yes guys and girls, it’s almost that time of year again, the dreaded summer exam session which turns even the best of us into medusa-like stress heads, soaked up to the eyeballs in caffeine and sugar.

But before you hit your see-saw of self-destruction, have a read of our top tips designed to help you make sense of stress and make it through the exam period a smarter, more dynamic you.

1. Sleeplessness
During periods of extreme stress many of us find it difficult to get our 40 winks. This is normal, and can be combated with a set sleep routine. Allow yourself at least an hour to unwind before turning off the light. Some people find a hot drink soothing, whereas for others an aromatic linen spray will work wonders. Make sure you room is well ventilated, and remember, the early bird catches the worm, so a few early nights certainly won’t go amiss!  

2. Irritability
Feeling frazzled is guaranteed to get you snapping at your nearest and dearest, but remember; no one likes being made to feel like a punch bag. So, to vent your frustrations don a pair of trainers, plug in your earphones and get jogging. Exercise releases happy transmitters called endorphins; so not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too! Or why not have a boogie to our Top Ten Booty-Shakers if you’re not a runner? 

3. Emotional insecurity
Stress can also affect your emotional wellbeing.  Exams test one specific part of you life and should not jeopardise your relationships or destroy your self-esteem. If feelings of inadequacy begin to invade all areas of your life then it’s time to say STOP. Make time to do things which you enjoy and are good at, and share these experiences. Having positive conversations with the people who you care about will counteract any exam time negativity.

4. Fatigue
As those late nights stack up and the pressure rises your body is put under increasing mental and physical strain. Get munching to really give your energy levels a boost! Try eating complex carbs and nutritious foods such as: oats, yogurt, eggs, nuts, fruits, squashes, dark chocolate, peanut butter and wholemeal bread.

5. Panic
There comes a stage in everyone’s revision when they realise that time is running out. To avoid stress-induced spontaneous combustion, try to make a revision timetable at the start of the revision period. Consult the exam marking criteria and past papers, and filter in practice exams. Also avoid talking to your peers, as they will only make you feel under-prepared or over-confident, and absorbing other’s stress is not a good move!    

6. Cravings
A little self indulgence when one is in the depths of revision despair can’t be too frowned upon, but fuelling yourself on sugar and caffeine is not an option. Not only will you become more irritable, fatigued and less able to sleep, you may also pile on the pounds. Try to save the coffee, tea, cakes, biscuits and sweets as treats, and savour them as part of well earned breaks!

We hope you find these tips helpful! Good luck from The Student Guide! 

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