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Ahhh carrots! Living with food phobias

By Hungryhouse.co.uk
Ahhh carrots! Living with food phobias

How good are your acting skills?

It’s hard to fake a fever to get out of sitting an exam, but what if you had an anxiety attack because the guy sitting beside you had too much garlic sauce with his kebab at lunch?

Yes, Alliumphobia (fear of garlic) really exists, and with approximately 1.9% of Brits suffering from some type of phobia, you better be careful where you wave your chopsticks - there may be a Consecotaleophobia sufferer nearby (fear of chopsticks).

A phobia is described as an intense, persistent and seemingly illogical fear of a thing, person, place or situation. A phobia can be so tremendous that it can interfere with everyday life.

Sufferers will go to great lengths to avoid their fear, but some such as Phagophobia (fear of swallowing) or Deipnophobia (fear of dining or dinner conversations) aren’t so easy to escape.

Mageirocophobia – Fear of cooking

Is it your turn to cook this week? By divulging this information we may have opened a can of beans, so to speak, for the lazy types looking for a good excuse to avoid kitchen duties.

This fear can range from being afraid to cook for groups, to not being able to whip yourself up pot noodles. Fortunately for mageirocophobics, technology allows us to order takeaway online.

Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables

If you want to avoid eating your greens then you’ll need to do a good job at freaking out at the sight of a pea, as a severe lachanophobia sufferer struggles even doing the groceries.

Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

This is so specific, you’d think that if the mucilaginous sensation distresses you to the point of shaking, nausea, sweating, dizziness, and anxiety attacks, then you’d just not eat peanut butter.

But for some, this fear is so severe that the sight of a glass jar is enough to set them off.

Acerophobia – Fear of sourness

It’s not about fearing being left with a ‘cat’s bum’ look on your face, Acerophobia sufferers experience extremely violent panic attacks if they come into contact with, or just perceive something to be sour.

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