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7 stages you go through when writing your dissertation

By Lisa Williams
7 stages you go through when writing your dissertation

Writing a dissertation might be one of the most stressful thing's you'll do as a student, here are the 7 stages that you'll go through when powering through your dissertation during your final months at university.


1. Feeling overwhelmed

You’ve picked your research question and you’re starting to think about writing the monstrosity that lies ahead of you. You scurry off to the library and take out any and every book that hints at the topic you’ve chosen to research, but you'll start to feel lost and overwhelmed because of the huge amount of work you've got to do!

2. Denial

At this stage you don’t realise how difficult actually writing a dissertation will be. Instead of making a start on your work, you reward yourself for getting some books out of the library by kicking back and getting well and truly stuck into a Netflix marathon.

3. Putting it off

Before you know it hours of procrastinating have turned into days, and then days have turned into weeks and you start to panic. Your dissertation tutorials are round the corner and you’ve barely even opened a book, but like everything else - it will wait until tomorrow.

4. Panicking

You meet your dissertation tutor and they notice the lack of work you’ve put into your dissertation so far. You start trying to figure out how you’re actually going to write this thing and start to panic. You go to your friends for advice and realise that you’re all in the same boat.

5. Human studying machine

During this stage, you've morphed into some super-human-studying-machine, reading and writing until you don’t even know who you are anymore. 

6. You start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel


Things don’t seem so bad anymore, apart from the fact that you might not have showered in a few days, but you've almost reached the word count and the madness is almost over.

7. It’s over

You submit your dissertation and feel like some kind of research god. You can finally get your life back and transform back into a normal functioning human being.

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