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7 Times We Were Emotionally Moved by Food

By Ella Downing
7 Times We Were Emotionally Moved by Food

Recently it seems that videos of sickeningly unhealthy but amazing food are popping up all over social media. Here are our top pics of the videos that looked so delicious, we became seriously emotionally fragile.

WARNING: Do not continue if hungry

1. Grilled cheese wrapped in bacon. The video speaks for itself.

Andy Samberg crying


2. Chocolate s'mores dip thing. Perfect for sharing...with myself

Patrick from Spongebob crying


3. We're not sure who this woman is or what motive she has but what she does with these Doritos is mind blowing. We love you food lady for giving us cheese-stuffed Doritos!

A girl crying


4. Pizza Waffles, because some hero looked at Pizza and thought, this needs more batter.

Gif of Rylan Clark crying


5. This pastry parcel of pure chocolately goodness and this girl's take on exercise speaks to my soul.

Oprah Winfrey crying


6. Oh God food lady is back, I know what you're thinking, how can she top the Doritos?! Two words my friend, Donut Chips... You're welcome.


7. And finally, we've saved the best until last, grab a tissue (or a snack). I give you the mac and cheese bacon taco!


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