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6 steps to becoming an eco-friendly student

By Lisa Williams
6 steps to becoming an eco-friendly student

You might think you’ve moved away from your parents nagging you to turn off your bedroom lights and to recycle your rubbish, but it’s important to recycle even when you’re at university.

To help you in your quest to be an eco-friendly student we’ve compiled six easy tips to help you and your flatmates save the planet.

1. Recycle, recycle, recycle

Over 75% of rubbish is actually recyclable so think twice before throwing things away.

Students are known to be partial to a takeaway, and a really easy way to recycle is to reuse all of your plastic containers that your takeaway usually comes in. Why not re-use them for storing leftovers, lunch or anything that you fancy!

2. Switch off

It's important to switch off at university, and we don’t just mean relaxing. It’s also important to switch off your chargers and lights when you’re not using them – they need a break too!

3. Wrap up

You can turn your central heating down a tiny bit and put a jumper on instead, not only will this reduce your energy consumption, but it will also reduce your energy bills too, meaning you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

4. Cook together

This is a great way to spend time with your flatmates at the same time as saving energy. Why not take it in turns to cook your favourite meal for everyone, it will save money in the long run and will help to reduce your energy consumption.

5. Walk or cycle to university

Instead of taking taxis, driving or even taking the bus why not walk or hop on your bike and burn some calories on your journey to the library, this is a great way to de-stress whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Cut down on printing

It can be tempting to print endless copies of your readings to give your eyes a rest from staring at computer screens, but you can easily reduce how much paper you use by sharing print outs. Print off a copy to share with your friends and who knows, by the time you get it back they might have written some helpful notes on it.



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