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5 easy drinking games

By Emma
5 easy drinking games

Thought you were too fat, too lazy or too ugly to play sports? Think again. Drinking games are athletics for the everyman. Everyone goes home a winner – a really drunk winner


Sounds much easier than it is.

You will need:

  • Shot Glasses
  • Beer

The premise is simple: drink one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. You’ll be lucky to make it past 50.


Movie Drinkalong

The perfect movie-alcohol lovechild.

You will need:

  • Booze
  • A Movie

Drink for drink:

Every time the characters drink, you must also drink (ideally the same beverage). Withnail and I is the all-time classic, just make sure you’re well stocked up before you begin (probably best to substitute lighter fluid for something less toxic). Other gooduns include Inspector Morse and The Big Lebowski (be warned, there are only so many white Russians the stomach can take).

Spot the catchphrase/character trait:

This one is much more versatile, and can be played during pretty much any film. For example, every time Ron Weasley says “bloody hell”; or each time Harry fondles his scar, you must drink.

Choose your rules carefully:

the aim of the game is to make it to the end of the film. Making rules like ‘drink every time Indiana Jones looks fit’, or ‘drink everytime Tony Montana says f**k’ will only end in stomach pumping.



Like Movie Drinkalong, but faster.

You will need:

  • A copy of Roxanne by The Police
  • Booze

Have a shot every time Sting sings the word Roxanne. Badaboom badabing.


Spin the Penny

Easy, no-nonsense, and affordable.

You will need:

  • A penny
  • Booze
  • Friends

Start by tossing a coin. Get one of your grubby mates to guess whether it’s heads or tails. If they get it right, they have to toss for the next person. If they get it wrong, you have to spin the coin on the table and they have to drink for as long as it spins. Just before it stops spinning, smack your hand on the coin, and make them guess again. If they get it right, hand them the coin. If they get it wrong, you know what to do...


Beer Pong

Good news, a game which relies more on luck and physical skill, than on brains and memory!

You will need:

  • Between 2 and 20 pints of beer
  • A table
  • 2 teams
  • A pong-pong ball

Place an even number of pint glasses at either end of the table. Each team stands behind their respective cup. You must take it in turns to bounce the ball into the opposing team’s pint. Whenever this happens, the team must drain their ping-ponged beer. The first team to end-up booze-less loses. Obviously this works better if you use more than two pints. According to the National Beer Pong League (no, we didn’t make this up: www.nbpl.net), premier league beer pong can involve as many as ten pints per team.

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