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Oi Fresher things you need to know….Part 1

By The Student Guide
Oi Fresher things you need to know….Part 1

You need to know these things..

With freshers' week upon us, here are the first 10 of the essential must-know facts about student life!


1. You only need 40% to pass

Don’t waste this golden opportunity!


2. You’ll never really finish unpacking

That ironing board your mum made you bring will never get used. Those three hot water bottles your grandma forced you to pack before your big move to the ‘freezing’ north, or into shoddy accommodation – unnecessary.


3. You’ll learn more names in freshers’ week than you’ll ever be able to remember

There’ll always be that one person you speak to outside of lectures, but it’s just too late to ask their name.


4. Take all free things/vouchers

Your student loan won’t last as long as you think, so be sure to raid all the stalls at freshers’ fair.


5. Making friends is easy

Don’t be shy – every fresher is in the same boat. Everybody is looking to make friends – it’s best to be a social hussy.


6. You will get freshers’ flu

Everyone does eventually. Stock up on lemsip and spend lots of time in bed. Although you’ll do that anyway.


7. Be prepared to answer the same questions over and over again

Countless people will ask you your name, where you come from, and what course you’re studying. Don’t try and be the smart-arse who gets bored of telling the truth – people will remember if you tell stupid stories.


8. You don’t need to buy every book on the reading list

As if university wasn’t expensive enough already, academic books are mighty pricey. Go to the library instead.


9. Your parents will phone all the time – at first

Your mum and dad will phone every day. Sod’s law dictates that it will always be in a situation where answering the phone to mummy will seriously reduce your cool points.


10. Wikipedia will become a guilty habit

We all know you’re not supposed to use it, but it’s just so irresistibly useful.


Have a check back in tomorrow for the final 10 and give us some more tips on Twitter @TheStudentGuide #thestudentguide

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