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13 things you could and should blow your leftover student loan on

By Sj.Cliff
13 things you could and should blow your leftover student loan on

When you finish the year, sometimes you’re left with some extra cash from your student loan. Obviously the sensible thing to do is save it for next year. But that is pretty boring, so we came up with some better ways to spend that extra cash!


1. VW Campervan Tent

Are you going to any festivals this summer? If so, forget your 30 quid ASDA tent. Spend your last £300 on this baby. Guaranteed to make you the coolest people in the field, you will not regret this decision.

(Via: Firebox)

2. Marshall Fridge

If you think there is a cooler fridge out there, you’re sadly mistaken. If you have £399.99 going spare, this should be your first stop. An essential for any student flat, just don’t try to plug your guitar into it.

(Via: Gadget Review)

3. Back To The Future Nike MAG’s

You shouldn’t go back to uni without these shoes. Ranging from anywhere between 200 and 5,000 $$$$ on ebay, you can pick yourself up some Marty McFly style before heading back to campus.

(Via: Tech Crunch)

4. iPad toilet roll stand

Do we really have to explain why this is obviously the most useful and necessary thing to spend your spare cash on? No, didn’t think so.

(Via: Amazon)

5. Glow in the dark jeans

Perfect for making a statement at your student union! When the new fresher girls turn up, you’ll want to be noticed, and this is the perfect way. Be known as the guy who spent his loan on jeans to wow the girls. You won’t look like a prat, honest.

(Via: CSYCB)

6. Villain Chair

£4,000 is a small price to pay to have this incredible chair in your student halls. Make sure  you get taken seriously as the campus villain, by kitting yourself out ready. Muahaha!

(Via: Firebox)

7. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Your Mum always told you invest in your future, so why not invest £374 on this robot vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean next year with no effort? She’ll also be happy when she comes to visit because your carpet will be sparkling!

(Via: Amazon)

8. Giant Gumball Machine

Go a real sweet tooth? Never find yourself craving sugar again with this giant gumball machine. You could replace the contents with absolutely anything and make a business out of it on campus. Not sure how long it would take to earn back the £3.5k, though…

(Via: Firebox)

9. Multi-coloured toilet roll

Renova do a range of toilet rolls in bright colours and patterns. Liven up your student house or halls with a year’s supply of rolls, and never wipe your arse with tesco value white paper again. You know you’re worth it.

(Via: RenovaShop)

10. Desktop Jellyfish Kit

We can’t think of a better way to blow your leftover loan than on pet jellyfish. Seriously. All your mates might have a hamster or gerbil for company at Uni, but you obviously should go one step better and splash out on these little fellas.

(Via: JellyfishArt)

11. Chocolate Skulls

These impressive white, milk and dark chocolate skulls are 2.5kg of pure delight. Coming in at a cost of over £300, we’d hope that these are made of the best chocolate going. But being able to say that you have owned and eaten a life-like skull is awesome. So do it.

(Via: Firebox)

12. Refurbished Phonebox

From just £2,250 you can own your very own refurbished phone box. You’re right – why WOULDN’T somebody want one of these? Think of all the incredible photo ops you would have. Don’t pay your last terms accommodation – you need this.

(Via: CSYCB)

13. Inflatable Twister

What better way to spend approximately £600, than buying your very own inflatable twister? You may be skint for a long time, but you wouldn’t care because this would provide you with enough fun to last all summer!

(Via: CSYCB)


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