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YouTube subscriptions to land this summer!

By Sj.Cliff
YouTube subscriptions to land this summer!

Rumours have been floating around the ether for a while regarding YouTube’s status as a free media platform. But the media site has announced that a subscription service will be coming this summer.

Do you remember when things on the internet were free? All you had to do was pay for the internet and you could look at hilarious cat photos like this one…

You could chat to your mates and watch adorable cat videos.

Cats aside, the way we view content on the internet is slowly changing for the worse. Now it seems that the online giant is following the subscription service trend, too. YouTube’s plan to launch paid subscriptions is gaining momentum – but will it be worth it?

As with Spotify, the subscription service will eliminate those ever-infuriating adverts from your YouTube account for just $10 per month. At least you’ll never have to suffer Clean Bandit and Cortana killing each other’s careers anymore, I guess.

“Why bother paying for that?”, I hear you cry. While AdBlock exists for web browsers on your PC and certain Android tablets, it doesn't cover a lot of your favourite mobile devices *cough* Apple *cough*. Put simply, if you enjoy watching YouTube videos on your mobile, then subscription service may be appealing to you.

According to a letter sent to Creators by YouTube (and published by Bloomberg), mobile views currently represent over half of all the views on YouTube and the money made on those ads is up 200%.

So it’s all about cold, hard cash-monies. But, as a viewer, I really don’t care if I have to wait a couple of minutes before I watch a few fails.

More money for creators is the obvious bonus, but it doesn’t come without a price. Not everyone that makes content wants to make a living from it – strange, right? For those lovely people that want to keep you entertained for free, there is no opt-out feature. Every channel has to participate in the new scheme or face the possibility of all their videos being set to private.

Naughty YouTube!

Whether we like it or not, YouTube is too huge for this plan not to work.  But at this rate, is there ever going to be a site that doesn’t sell out?!

Would you pay to get rid of ads on YouTube? Let us know on our socials!


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