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By Editor

So you have a photo you desperately need the world to see.You Gossip is the new APP that will make you money on social media.

We at thestudentguide spoke to the founders of @you_gossip Glenn Morgan and Ron Czyscon so they could enlighten us.

Tell us more about what You Gossip is?

You Gossip is the same kind of photo and video sharing site you’re used to, but with an interesting twist. Every time a picture or video is viewed, a portion of our advertising revenue is given to our users and charity. And the beauty of it is that it’s ridiculously easy. If you’ve ever shared a pic or video on social media before, you already have enough experience to be a You Gossip user. 

The You Gossip app allows you to take a picture and share it to Twitter or Facebook all within the app. We even have image filters and picture add-ons for you to choose from. The real difference maker is after the user has shared. For every view that photo or video gets, a small amount of revenue is made. This is true for any site that has advertising. What we do is take that revenue and split it up three ways: First the charity gets a cut, then second the user and the rest is used for upkeep of the website and app. This is all tracked on the website itself and users are able to see how much they’ve made for themselves and charity at any time.

Where did the concept come from?  

 It actually came to Ron over the Atlantic Ocean! He was on a flight to London from the US and was reading an article on a woman who had taken a photo of the last space shuttle launch from her window on a plane. The story was basically how she had sold this photo to a US newspaper for a few hundred dollars and that paper went on to generate huge viewership. It was one of the most viewed photos of the year! Naturally, the newspaper made a fortune on the advertising alone. The woman was left with her few hundred.

Will we get paid for our photographs?

Certainly! The key is just to keep using YouGossip. All of the photos and videos you get views on are cumulative. That means the more you upload and share, the moremoney you make for yourself and charity. The chances that any single user is going to have a photo or video that goes viral is very slim, so uploading often is absolutely the best way to build up your account and get paid.

How did you choose the charities that are involved?                                                       

For our initial choices, we wanted to get involved with some of our own favorite charities.  

We’ve personally interacted with Bobby Moore Fund and Willow Foundation and have seen what wonderful work they do. The Vision Charity’s work was another we’d been impressed with and was a great fit into our charity focus.

Our development of the independently operated YouGossip Foundation was for the sole purpose of allowing a team of charity minded individuals allocate charity funds to the appropriate world-renowned charities when disaster strikes. 

The photos and videos, can these be anything? What can’t we send to you?          

Ha! That’s a good question. Basically, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your Mum to see. We do have an “18 and older” filter in the system that users can place if the media might be considered suggestive or in potential poor taste, but pornographic, excessively crude, racist and homophobic material will be taken down. We also have a user flagging system in place to report offensive material. So far we really haven’t had any issues, though. Most people are just having fun.

The celebs, tell us more, how have they got on board with YouGossip? 

The funny part is that we weren’t really looking to have celebs work with us. Football legend, Ian Wright was one of the first on board. Glenn, had a chance meet with him very early on and described the charity aspect of YouGossip. Ian liked the idea so much he offered to work on the Board of Directors. Katie Price came on soon after that and I think the word spread. Believe it or not, celebs are always looking for ways to be charitable. At least in our experience. Katie and Ian have been some of our biggest supporters.

How do you see yourself in conjunction with Instagram and the new craze SnapChat? 

There’s so much room for us to work with all the picture/video companies out there.However, I think we serve a very different purpose than Instagram or SnapChat.SnapChat is really a unique photo sharing service. It’s meant for sharing with only a few friends and after they’ve seen your pic, it disappears. We’re all about broadcasting to the world. Instagram has created almost their own social media network. People share to other social networks, of course, but much of the interaction happens within the app. We don’t plan to have most of our views happen within our own ecosystem.Then, of course, there’s the getting paid and charity aspect. 

This is officially the next new craze visit their site here get the app and earn money for you and the charities, simple.




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