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X Factor… WTF has Happened?

By Yasmine Gleghorn of the GKBC Academy
X Factor… WTF has Happened?

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X Factor may have finally lost the plot. Too many shows and the Bootcamp swap twist mean that even Osbourne's injection of comic relief become obsolete. So is this a one off fluke, or is the show we've known and loved for 10 years become another TV casualty? Our guest writer Yasmine Gleghorn gives us her opinion.


Ten years on, and the X Factor continues its monotonous existence: mediocre finalists, love ballads galore and enough sob stories to last a lifetime. Even those contestants, like Hannah Barrett, who didn't come in amidst a pool of tears over dead relatives, were bombarded until some sad life tale appeared out of nowhere. Let's face it folks: no sadness equals no place on the show.


Having two shows on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as spreading itself too thin, means the show just looks ratings hungry.  But perhaps the worst aspect of all is the new Swap vote, making well-deserved singers initially believe they got through to the judge's final group before snatching the dream away. I laughed when I first heard it was an attempt to mimic the music industry: nobody is given a contract, made to perform and then have it snatched away and given to the next person who comes along.


Watching Karen Harding, Lydia Lucy and Sheena McHugh get put into the Top 6 and then have the dream snatched away from them felt needlessly mean. Whether they deserved a place or not, no one should have the moment broadcast across the country and a crowd of 4000 people shouting “Swap!” as it happens. An unnecessary embarrassment from start to finish.


But what has really happened to the X-Factor? Where has the show that brought us amazing live shows and even more amazing voices gone?  The answer is simple: the singing contest as we know it doesn't exist anymore.


It's a sad thing to say,  but no matter how much Cowell brings in new formats and brags about how Sharon Osbourne is back (one of the only good thing about this season), it's just become another run of the mill reality show – one which, at this rate, I won't be watching for much longer at all.


Tablet in one hand, popcorn in the other, GKBC writer Yasmine Gleghorn is dedicated to updating her followers about the latest entertainment news from the comfort of her sofa.

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