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Will be The Singer Takes It All be able to redeem itself after last week?

By Editor
Will be The Singer Takes It All be able to redeem itself after last week?

These days, TV channels are always looking to come up with the next cult student show, seeing that the demographic is generally loyal as most religious communities. So when Channel 4 released Friday’s new primetime singing competition The Singer Takes It All, the company’s studio execs were probably desperately hoping it would get a swathe of undergrads on board, as well as being a hit in general.

But did it? Erm…

When considering the opening night, the phrase ‘car crash television’ is a phrase that springs to mind. The app-based voting system didn’t function properly till about half-way through, the conversation between the guest judges, Pixie Lott and that newish, young comedian with the teeth, sparkled less than the budget champagne that they were offered and Alan Carr behaved as if there was a sniper off-camera, forcing him to carry on with the show with a strained grin as if it wasn’t a complete calamity. 

Apart from that, though, it was great.

Ok, not really, but there’s a chance tonight’s could be better if they revamp the show and make a few tweaks.

Firstly, giving the contestants to 10 seconds before they sing to desperately sell themselves seems unfair if you’re generally braindead. All most of the people last week could do was sort-of carry a tune, so forcing them to deliver a rapid promotional campaign was just ridiculous. Sisi, for instance, just shouted the word ‘bumba’ (whatever that means) to conclude her speech, making voters put her in bad stead before she’d even sang a note.

Secondly, if you’re going to wheel on some celebs to discuss what they are being made to witness, at least make them have some chemistry. Watching Pixie Lott and the toothy Rob Beckett engage with each other was as awkward as making lingering eye contact with a stranger on the bus when consuming a banana.

Lastly, maybe let the singers sing songs that they can actually sing. Last week’s contestants were only allowed to sing the song they auditioned with, which seems safe, until you realise that singing on the toilet is slightly different than belting out a ballad on a moving plinth that is jerking back and forth till you either make it into the gold zone or made to exit with a rather vicious smoke machine blasting in your face.

With the technical issues ironed out, The Singer Takes It All has the opportunity to redeem itself from last week. Let’s just hope Channel 4’s hired hitman suffer from a sweaty trigger finger.

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