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Why we should back David Ginola

By Editor
Why we should back David Ginola

He was a footballer, not a movie star, but he definitely had stereotypical Hollywood good looks and charm. This coupled with a silky French accent made him the ultimate bloke. Ladies wanted to be with him, men wanted to be him.

We thought he'd seen the last of him doing anything of note after he retired from Everton in 2002, doomed to be a secondary pundit on BT Sport alongside Owen Hargreaves.

But last night football fans were greeted with two shocks: Torres scoring two goals against Real Madrid and the former Newcastle forward announcing that he was to go up against the evil Sepp Blatter in the upcoming FIFA presidency election. 

Not sure about him or don't know who he is? Here are some reasons why he should get your backing.

But first, here is some mood music.

His charisma

There are not many footballers who could pull off a shampoo advert. The closest we've come recently is Olivier Giroud. But in this internet age his sleazy antics have not gone unnoticed and no agency will go near him.

His fellow Frenchman, Ginola, however, is someone who was happy to partake in a series of L'Oreal commercials, Carte Noire ads and many others in the 90s and noughties. Why? Because he had the charm to flog anything. He probably could have flogged cat breath scented perfume had Chanel came a-calling.

His ‘Renaissance Man’ outlook

Gone are the days of being called a ponce for reading The Guardian (Graeme Le Saux, we'll never forget). Today we have Andy Carroll scoring goals in front of bloodthirsty West Ham fans whilst sporting a top knot. Paving the way for the rise of metrosexuality was gorgeous David. He added his magical flair to the Newcastle squad and the Geordies loved him for it. Today he makes award-winning wines, which I am sure go down a treat.

Photos courtesy of Contactmusic.com

His sex appeal

Just look at that bod. Unbelievable. He makes Sepp Blatter look like a bag of shit.

Photo courtesy of anuvawines.com

His 'not giving a shit attitude.'

A blasé perspective when it comes to the small stuff makes Ginola so refreshing. Where humourless footballers like Rooney or Škrtel would kick your face off for having a dig, David takes things in his stride. When Jake Humphries tried to have a go at him for not wearing a full suit on BT Sport, he shrugged it off before doing a 'wanker' gesture behind his back. He landed the channel in hot bother, but he couldn't care less.


His charity and human rights work

Real talk now, if you compare Ginola and Blatter together based on their ethics, Ginola seems like some kind of Gandhi figure. The Frenchman campaigns for numerous charities and is strong supporter of human rights. He also went out of his way to promote England in their 2018 World Cup bid.

Blatter, on the other hand, is a joke:  bribe accepting, sexist remarks about women's football and only bringing goal-line technology in AFTER England were disallowed Lampard's superb goal against Germany.

So as David Ginola begins to ready his battle against the worst thing that’s ever happened to football, it’s time we backed the sexiest footballer of all time and got our game back. #TeamGinola

Photo courtesy of walesonline.co.uk


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