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What the first 10 songs Zane Lowe played on Beats 1 say about him

By Editor
What the first 10 songs Zane Lowe played on Beats 1 say about him

Yesterday, around this time, Zane Lowe launched Beats 1 - Apple's streaming service.

And with it, he brought a radio show, which was a bit like his one on Radio 1 but without the BBC's restraint. So what did he play now he has more control? Was it the craziest selection of music that the world has ever seen? Let's look into the first 10 tracks he played.

1. Spring King - City

It's a pretty ballsy move choosing a song that only has a mere 70,000 plays on YouTube as your first ever played track. So in this respect, you have to respect Zane for play City by Spring King. It's not a bad little track, reminding us of a Black Lips album filler. The drummer sings lead vocals, which is pretty cool, I guess.


2. Beck - Dreams

Fun fact: I haven't met one person who claims to be a Beck fan. Yet he wins award after award and plenty of airtime. Why is this happening? Who are these people pushing him onto the mainstream? This is a conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy. #


3. Jamie XX - Gosh

Everyone under the age of 30 has listened to Jamie XX's new album, so it's no surprise that Lowe picked one his tracks. Gosh is, of course, a blinder, but I can't help but feel Good Times would have set the station on fire, especially after a Beck song. Still, probably his best move of the 10 so far.


4. Skepta - Shutdown

We reviewed his storming set at The Great Escape and this was one of its highlights. And after everyone in America has been paying attention to him recently, it's little wonder why he was the fourth tracked played on the Beats 1 service. Fair play.


5. AC/DC For Those Who Are About To Rock (I Salute You)

Coming out of leftfield, in terms of its title being longer than one word and the fact it's a 1982-released hard rock track. From its title, you'd think it would be a bit more mental than it is, but it kind of chugs along like a Chiltern train. I guess it's an Australasian thing.


6. Hudson Mohawke - Warriors

This song features a singer called Ruckazoid, which sounds like the name a jock in Santa Barbera College would call himself. Also, strangely, this is a bit minimal for the usual stuff the Glaswegian is known for. It's not bad, though.

7. Pharell Williams - Freedom

Gone are the days of Zane's 'Hottest Track of the Week' and has been replaced with 'World Record'. Well this one's it. It plonks about with a piano intro, then has backing singers 'la laing' and then Pharell mumbles a bit and then shrieks 'FREEDOM' for a bit. Apparently Zane played it twice in a row.


8. Courtney Bartnett - Dead Fox

If you haven't worked out Barnett's schtick by now, basically the Australian ramble unmelodically over her band's instruments with cutesy lyrics. For instance, she attempts to rhyme 'vegetable' with 'sceptical'. Hey, if you like that sort of thing, that's cool, man.


9. The Chemical Brothers - Under Neon Lights

This was played before 6pm on a Tuesday. I once saw them in Barcelona at 5 am near the beach. It seems like they're not the sort of thing you can listen to at any time of day.


10. Shamir - On The Regular

What a charming way of getting to ten songs. It's bouncy, poppy and really fun. Fair play, Zane, you old goat.

So what have we learnt from this analysis? Mainly that Zane likes anything and everything. This is refreshing/the worst thing a DJ can be, because just know: behind every beautiful or classic track that he plays, a Nikelback track could be lurking and I'm not willing to take that risk.

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