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What in the flaming hell is TFI Friday?

By Editor
What in the flaming hell is TFI Friday?

For many of us students, we were wee babies when TFI Friday was a thing, so the news that is returning will leave many of us shrugging, and if we're really that bothered, asking our dad's what it was all about. Well, seeing as I am an internet archaeologist, or a YouTube Indiana Jones if you will, I have unearthed some files so you don't have to. Here are my findings.

1. It was presented by the seemingly ginger bloke from The One Show. But this 'wholesome' allure is just a guise, as he was a bit of lady killer back in the day, at one stage even marrying the call girl from Secret Diary of a Call Girl.


2. It had a high calibre of guests, from David Bowie....


3. and Ant and Dec


4. It's target audience was 'lads' and featured lads. Check out Noel Gallagher being a lad below.


5. They were first on the scene after Britpop's Jarvis Cocker was arrested


6. The conversation was sparkling. Skip to 5.21 to see a game where the guest has to guess what flavour crisp he's eating


7. All the lads on the show swore a lot even though it was a 6pm show, but they were lads so they didn't care


8.Things get awkward when women appeared on the show.


Clearly, it's a show that should never have been cancelled, so we await its return with baited breath. Welcome back, TFI Friday!

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