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What has happened to Celebrity Big Brother?!

By Sj.Cliff
What has happened to Celebrity Big Brother?!

This year’s season of Celebrity Big Brother kicked off to a fiery start, with two people already removed for foul behaviour.

But in the words of a previous contestant Nikki Grahame:

More specifically, who are they?! But Nikki summed up my feelings pretty accurately actually - you go, girl!

Their poor choice of barely recognisable contestants was accurately reflected in their actions. We’ve seen recovering alcoholic Jeremy Jackson get pissed and get a page 3 girl's boob out, and Ken Morley prove himself to be even more of a dinosaur with his poor attitudes regarding both race and women.  All the while, Perez Hilton took pretty much every argument and made it about him. Is this what entertainment telly has come to?

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love a good row – me included. But when you bring that group of people together and deliberately add other “stars” to make it worse you should know you’re going to have problems.

One of these figures is Katie Hopkins. You know? That one that was on The Apprentice until she quit and now makes her money from slagging off everyone she sees?

But she’s no stranger to the diary room.

Katie was, in fact, one of the first ever people to be on Big Brother – appearing in a pilot episode. In stark contrast to this year’s appearance, she looked like everything she despises now aka a grotty drunkard, getting her arse out and swigging a 2 litre bottle of Strongbow...

Can you feel that celeb vibe? Thought not.

Jeremy Jacksons claim to fame is that many moons ago (1991 – 1999) he was in Baywatch.

Ok, if we’re being super picky; he was also a 'Soviet Soldier A' in the English Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. But that’s pretty much it. So who’s bright idea was it to supply alcohol to the guy with a track record of addiction? It’s not as simple as 'have one drink and stop'. The producers must have had an inkling that something bad was going to happen and now as he leaves the UK, he can take the police caution home with him.

Then the inexcusable views (and dress sense) of Ken Morley. Case in point...

As well as being a pervy old man, commenting on the arses of women half his age in the bathroom, he also twice used racist language. I don’t care if you wanted to leave or not, you could have just asked. You may not get paid, but it’s better than looking like an asshole on tv, right?

His wife came out with a couple of classics in a recent interview about her husband’s behaviour, blaming the language and attitudes on “Jacobean and Shakespearean drama” as well as “Breaking Bad”.

Cool, we’ll just let him off then? #awkward

In order to “save” the show, Channel 5 are rumoured to be bringing more hapless losers into the house. With the calibre of “celebrity” dropping so low that I’m certain I could enter, I’m really not that excited.

George Orwell would be turning in his grave.

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