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What Back to the Future II got right!

By Sj.Cliff
What Back to the Future II got right!

It was 2015 that awed Marty McFly in Back to the Future II, leaving a nation of 80’s kids dreaming of what the reality of 2015 would actually be like.

Now that it’s arrived (HAPPY NEW YEAR!), we’ve had a look at the predictions the movie made about the way we would be living now and compared them to what we actually have. Let’s see how right back to the future really is…

Giant/Multi-Channel Television

Inside of the McFly house is a giant-ass flat screen TV. But, who doesn’t have one of these tech staples now-a-days? The film was spot on in predicting our love for the grandiose entertainment systems and even has some of our more modern TV-watching tech in it, such as picture within picture viewing. *P-in-P has actually been around since the 70’s, we just like it more now.

Nice one guys!

Wearable Tech

Smart watches, video glasses  and tech headsets are a massive part of the 80’s dream and 2015 is no different. The Oculous Rift, FitBit, GoogleGlass, the Apple watch... everyone’s doing it. Even Will.I.Am! While the tech does come with a heavy price tag, pretty much every bit of wearable tech featured in the film is available now. That is except for one very special one we’ll get to in a second…

Video Calling

We’ve been using Skype and Face Time for years now, so to us, a quick video call here and there really isn’t a problem but in Back to the Future II it was a big deal. The fact we’ve got it built into our tv’s has made this part of life in 2015 pretty similar to the film. However, why the fax machine is still kicking about…

(which is one of these, by the way)

…is a mystery to us. They were fucking terrible.

All of the 3D!

It seems all films today are getting on the 3D hype, which was a key feature of the second BTTF film. Sadly, we haven’t got the awesomeness that is Jaws 19, and even if we did it would look way better than that lame cinema shark, but a kid can dream!

Anniversary Self-Lacing shoes

Nike bought out the futuristic MAGs in 2011 (and by futuristic, we mean they lit up) but their key feature was still missing! Where were our self-lacing laces?!? Don’t worry BTTF geeks! Nike is developing this magical future technology ready to debut this year! The only question hangs over their design. Will we see a brand new design to the sneakers or will the self-lacing part be an add-on to the old look? We’ll just have to wait and see.


And just about got right...


A few of us were duped by HUVr hover boards in May last year, but since then the chance of actually floating around has become a reality. Tony Hawks showcased Hendo’s first non-bullshit hover board in early November and with a few tweaks, those of us with a little (more likely a load of) spare cash could be doing tricks on one of these bad-boys pretty soon. Don’t believe us? Then check this shit out!




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