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We’ve got our hands on an iPhone 6 Plus!

By Sj.Cliff
We’ve got our hands on an iPhone 6 Plus!

Ok… may have lied a little bit there.

Here at TSG Towers, we’re all a little bit in love with Apple. Nearly all of us on the creative floor have some form of iPhone in various states of disrepair.

That’s why, at 6pm UK time on 9th September 2014, we had our head designer hooked up to Chinese sub'd stream of the iPhone 6 launch show – feeding us all the juicy details.

For a couple of lucky people on the creative floor, it’s almost time for an upgrade on their current phone contracts! So being the clever people we are, we decided to make a mock-up of the handset!

In order to see if the larger phone dimensions were practical in the real world (aka won’t snap in half in your pocket) we’ve made a cardboard cut-out, the exact size of the Plus model.

In case you were wondering what the other black line is – that’s the size of the regular iPhone 6 handset.

The iPhone 6 Plus stands at 6.22 inches tall and 3.06 inches wide, the regular model at 5.44 inches tall and 2.64 inches wide. Compared to the previous model that I’m packing, it’s kind of huge.

But, for the love of science we all secretly harbour, that wasn’t enough. In order to get the true feel for something, it has to be as heavy as the real thing.

The only logical (if you can call it that) next step was to blue tack a bunch of pennies to it to create that 178g bulk.

…Well, it’s as close as we could get. We had to use pennies for gods sake!

Despite the size, the new handset doesn’t really feel that much heavier when in the hand. It just fits in the pocket, meaning the bigger screen size will actually allow for better use. Our mock up doesn’t have the one-hand use feature (you can’t really add it to cardboard) but it would be useful to have on something this size.

Until somebody here upgrades we can only speculate at the wonders that the new phone design and operating system will bring. But based on our cardboard version, it’s going to be awesome.

Like our version? Let us know what you think about it or the iPhone 6 on Facebook or Twitter!

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