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Weird yet compulsory winter accessories

By TheStudentGuide
Weird yet compulsory winter accessories

Feeling the cold? Check out these solutions which seem ridiculous but are actually pretty beneficial...

Beard Head

In these cold winter months it’s totally natural to find yourself thinking ‘I wish I had a good beard to keep me warm.’ Isn’t it? Well, whether or not that’s the case, these Beard Heads will keep you nice and toasty. Available in a range of colours (including grey for that elderly look you’ve always been going for, and ginger), they also come with a moustache detachable by buttons which just screams ‘practical joke’. Girl or boy – you’re both gonna look ridiculous let’s face it, so embrace the beard and keep toasty this winter! Grab an exclusive 10% discount off all beardheads using the code STUDENT10.

Buy | Price: £19.99

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

You know that super annoying dilemma in the winter? The one where you can either have freezing hands and use your touch screen phone, or have toasty hands and leave it? We remember well – and no those decisions aren’t alleviated by wearing fingerless gloves – they don’t keep your hands warm at all. These SmarTouch gloves are the perfect solution. And yes, you may look a bit like a hairy burglar but who’ll be laughing when you pull off that most coveted of all actions – the perfect Frape? Point proved.

Buy | Price: £14.99

Up Yours Umbrella

Rain is fast becoming one of Britain’s most hated. In the past, we’ve learnt to grin and bear that ever-occurring feature throughout the winter months, but rain in the summer as well? Well that just ain’t fair. Stick it to the sky with this umbrella with attitude.

Buy | Price: £29.99

Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

This is an awesome invention, and best of all your friends won’t be able to see that you’re taking a leaf out of granny’s book because you can conceal it safely in your pocket. Give the metal disk inside a little squish and the chemicals mix together to provide some much needed warmth for your hands. They’re actually quite cute when you look at them...

Buy | Price: £4.99

Heated Gloves

Ok ok so we’re getting a little er, heavy handed with all these gloves. But these ones are really something to write home about. They’ll keep your hands super warm in the winter because these deluxe insulated ski-style gloves feature integrated elements that circulate gentle warmth across the hands and right down to the finger tips, heating them to a toasty 33 degrees. How? A 9v battery is concealed in the cuff. There’s even an LED power indicator. How cool, sorry, hot is that!

Buy | Price: £29.99

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