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We reviewed the trailers of the most talked about upcoming U.S. TV shows

By Editor
We reviewed the trailers of the most talked about upcoming U.S. TV shows

The summer is in full swing and even though the thought of going out in the sun is a nice one, that's not going to stop getting into the upcoming American TV shows that are soon to land on our TV or computer screens.

But which ones are going to be a hit like last year's True Detective or flop like 2013's US incarnation of Skins?

Let's have a look at the trailers



I remember a time when Bradley Cooper being in something was a bad thing (Sorry, Hangover sequel Fans), but he seems to have turned himself around. So I'm happy about this cameo.

What I'm not happy about, though, is that the lead guy seems to have no charisma and his co-star is Deb from Dexter who was a right stuffy pants and it looks like she's like that in this too.


The Muppets

I've felt for a while that 'docu-comedies' have run their course, but I reckon this show has legs. The characters all seem very aware of the genre's usual tropes. I'm also on board with the fact Kermit is basically a regular guy like the rest of us, with him complaining about freeway traffic and getting the hots for the office pig. I reckon this will be a hit.



Twenty-somethings masquerading as teenagers? Check. Vulnerable girl looking out onto a swimming pool while on the phone to a would-be murder? Check. Set in the fictional town of  Woodsboro? Wait, NO, it's set in 'Lakewood'. What the hell is a Lakewood? And why does the mask look different?

This could really go either way, but as a massive fan of the original film, I'm praying someone let Wes Craven do more than just produce.



Entourage was great, wasn't it? It was basically some guys walking around, eating, smoking and partying in L.A. Ok, fair enough it wasn't great; it was, like, really, really watchable. Ballers has a similar ambiance, but the film industry  has been replaced with the sports industry. Sure, it's definitely going to be trash but HBO trash, i.e glossy, well-filmed trash.


Scream Queens

With Scream coming out, do we really need this? It stars Emma Roberts from Scream 4, Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween and Adriana Grande from my dreams.

It was also created by Ryan Murphy who seems to have basically fused his past two creations (Glee and American Horror Story) together.


True Detective Season Two

Moody, dimly lit and building towards something explosive, oh, how we have missed you, True Detective. If it's half as good as the first anthology, I'll be satisfied greatly. Still, though, I'm really going to miss Matthew McConaughey's philosophical ramblings being rebutted by a gruff Woody Harrelson. My one wish is that Colin Farrell tells Vince Vaughn to shut up a lot - on and off set. 


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