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We get to play with Google Glass!

By Sj.Cliff
We get to play with Google Glass!

The launch of Google Glass in June this year was a monumental time for tech-geeks everywhere.

The first of its kind in wearable smart technology, owning a pair gives you all of the powers of Robocop with a cool, hipster edge. Worn over existing glasses or on their own, the small projector on the right-hand side allows you to take photos and videos as well as access maps, the web and a whole host of apps. Combined with a tiny touchscreen on the right arm, tech just got a lot more interesting!

We’re really into our tech here at TSG Towers, so getting our hands on a pair to try out became a secret mission of ours.
Luckily, our friends at Holidays Please have a few pairs in their office for their customers to take on holiday with them! (Amazing idea, right?!) They kindly lent us a pair to test out around the office!

HolidaysPlease are a luxury travel company that offers the personal service of the high street, combined with the convenience of the internet. Holidaysplease are an award winning company that has twice won the prestigious ‘Online Luxury Travel Agent of the Year’. Selling travel experiences the world over they are ranked 9.8/10 from over 950 reviews (Trustpilot).

The initial impression of the glass was, in complete honesty, awe. None of us dreamed we’d even be in the same room as the Google Glass for at least a few years! Everyone on the creative floor gingerly put them on their face and pranced around for a bit… the next step was learning how to turn them on.

Countless attempts were made before we realised that the device needed charging. It had seemed that our childish enthusiasm had over-run the basic rule of technology that states it needs a bit of power. The sturdy Micro USB charger supplied with the Glass has been specifically designed to give users the best battery life and the thick cable looks like it’ll go the distance with even the most prolific users. Probably a good idea knowing us! A short while later we had adequate charge to connect ourselves up to the Wi-Fi and get exploring!
Now, in the office, we aren’t afraid to say we’re Apple-Fiends. The jump to using an Android device was difficult to manage but after struggling to deal with the menu system (and actually finding our router!), we were away.

You can connect the Glass to both Apple and Android products by downloading an app. From there you can put a selection of apps directly to the Glass such as YouTube, ZombieRun and SkyMap. We were particularly interested in Google Maps – we all know how to walk to Starbucks but its soooo much better when you have the directions in the corner of your eye like a tiny people-satnav!

Using the side touch-screen we hopped from app to app and even managed to play with a few of the usage settings. Setting the Glass to activate on an upwards look and take photographs when we blink was probably our biggest problem. For an experience user (of perhaps just someone with common sense) this would be an amazing feature, but for those of us new to this fancy technology it was pretty annoying. There are only so many accidental office photos you can laugh at until deleting them becomes annoying!

With a bit of tweaking the Google Glass will be something remarkable. The idea is still in its most primitive stage (think Nokia 3310 next to even the most basic of smartphones) so we can’t begin to image how much better it’s going to get! We just know we’re going to want one!

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