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We chatted to rap duo Krept and Konan about life and music

By Editor
We chatted to rap duo Krept and Konan about life and music

Krept and Konan are two friends that have spent that last few years carving out a name for themselves in the UK music industry.

We caught up with them as they ready their latest single, Freak of the Week for release on 28th June.

So 2014 was a massive year for you two (winning a MOBO and becoming the highest charting UK album by an unsigned act ever). Did you ever see yourself at this point?

Konan:  we always hoped we’d get to this position, and we worked towards it, but when it happens it’s surreal, man. 
Krept: with music you never know if you’ll breakthrough, so it was a real surprise and shock when we did.


You also made a track Freak of the Week with Jeremih. First of all, it’s a banger and secondly, what was it like to make that video? It seemed to have a bigger budget than your previous ones.

Konan: you know what’s crazy? It was made by a woman called Carly Cussen. She’s done videos for Giggs, Devlin and Lethal Bizzle. She also did videos for Channel AKA.

Freak of the Week features R&B crooner Jeremih 


Konan: it’s mad. I feel like when it comes to art, if you collaborate with the right people you get different results.  I don’t feel like there’s been a video from our world that has had that level of quality. Not to say that other music videos that have come from the genre haven’t been amazing, but we haven’t seen something as glossy before.


It felt like a throwback to 90s Hype Williams-style directing to me.

Krept: yeah, the inspiration was Biggie’s ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’. We tried to reflect that type of look: loud clothes to match the how big the song was.


Drake recently started following loads of UK artists on Instagram, including Krept. Is this a sign of things to come? International link ups?

Konan: I have no idea what could happen. I don’t know why he followed him. Hopefully, it’s because he liked our music.


He followed loads of people, too, like Birmingham’s Devilman.

Krept: well, I know he likes the battle raps that come with the genre, so he must have enjoyed Skepta and his Lord of the Mic’s clash.

Drake and Devilman recently reignited the flames of their earlier beef

I would like to see round 2, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Konan: yeah, me too. Skepta’s on some next level at the moment.


I see that you and Drake are both playing Wireless on the same day. Do you think there might be another Kanye at KOkO moment?

Krept: I think we’d be up for that.  We’re big fans of him, so why wouldn’t we?


So if he said, "jump on The Motto with me", would you?

Krept: we might suggest something else because that one’s quite old.  We’d have to think of something a bit different. But it would be special if it did happen.


Kanye West recently caused a storm by bringing on a squad of grime MCs onstage at his KOKO show.

What can we expect from your album? Sell it to us in a couple of words.

Krept: a movie, that’s what I’d say.  There’s a lot of fun storytelling as well as real life situations. There are, of course, some head-bangers.

Konan: it’s a good body of work, like, you will enjoy yourself from start to finish. It’s like the first project where I still can listen to it and it doesn’t feel tired. We finished it a few months ago and I still listen to it and sometimes forget that it’s my own.


So you’re happy with it?

Krept: yeah, man. I still think there’s so much in us, too, and we can definitely build on what we’ve already done.


Freak of the Week is out June 28th.


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