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Top Gadget Fails of 2014

By Sj.Cliff
Top Gadget Fails of 2014

While 2014 was a triumph for technology, some of it wasn’t exactly great. We’ve seen the joy that is the iPhone 6, the Polaroid camera revival, mood-based music playlists and 3D printers that can even print food! What else do we need?!

Well, apparently some other useless crap, the best of which were rounded up into a list of offending items that really don’t deserve the gadget title.

Here are TheStudentGuide.com's top gadget fails of last year:

Google Glass

When it was announced, we were SO excited about the Google Glass. The future was here, in its glorious, wearable, cyborg glory. It was just a shame it was so shit. Difficult to operate and ugly as hell, the illusion of the Glass was shattered when they launched earlier last year.

Now the project has been abandoned by Google, but it is available to develop under the side project name… Glass. Original.

Swing Copter App

The guy, that created Flappy Bird, wasn’t content with the butt ton of money he made from the original game, so he bought out another stupidly impossible one.

Surprise surprise, by the time Swing Copter came out we were sick of this shit and everyone, hated it.

Shouldn’t have been greedy, should you?

CAT Digital iPad Holder

Everyone knows that tablet and toilets are best friends, so the only logical step gadgetry could take would be to combine the two.

The CAT Digital iPad Holder comes complete with loo roll holder, so you never have to be caught short when watching movies or playing Angry Birds!

Or, you know, you could just hold the damn thing without pooing?


Some people need a little nagging to get things done, but Mother has taken being a nag to a whole new level. Need to be reminded how long to brush your teeth, shut your doors, not drink so much coffee, take your meds, watch your temperature, sleep …

Yeah, it’s that invasive. I’m an adult now and  I can brush my teeth wrong if I want to.

NameTag app

Bringing stalking into the future is the NameTag app! By taking a creepy photo of someone you can “see their entire public online presence in one place.”

There is something SO wrong about being able to gather info about people you don’t know by photographing. What happened to saying hey!?

Quit Your Job App

I won’t lie, this fail made me giggle the most. The idea is simple:

Hate your job? Check!

Want to quit? Check!

Lack the balls to quit yourself? Check! Wait a second…

Well, this is for you. Carefully crafting a text message out of your pitiful excuses (chosen by you in their option selection screen), the app texts your boss a fairly decent message about your quitting and then links you to a job site.

The idea is passable, but think about it for a second. Who’s going to hire the guy/girl that quit their last job via a scaredy-cat app?


Claiming to be “The next evolution in typing”, the TREWGrip is awful on so many levels. Instead of using your perfectly fine smartphone/tablet keyboard or downloading a better one, why not strap your device into something that looks like a giant wiggly keyboard with all the numbers on the back.

This device, that’s supposed to make typing easier, requires a little bit of training to get the most out of it… which sort of defies the point and solidifies how utterly pointless this product it.

Belfie Stick

Have you ever woken up one day and thought, “Damn, I wish I had an unnecessarily extravagant way of taking a photo of my arse!”?

The trust me, this is for you. You fucking idiot. Complete with useless Bluetooth and a bit that bends/extends in the middle, this stick… yeah, it’s just hopeless. Oh and as the website says it’s “Fun for all ages”, which personally I find a little bit creepy.

If you bought this or read this and feel like you need one, then I have literally nothing else to say to you.

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