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Top 5 Con Artists in Film and TV

By Premier
Top 5 Con Artists in Film and TV

Confidence artists, or better known as con artists, have always been around scamming people and their way through life. These swindlers, hustlers, sleek and clever shysters make amazing premises for film and TV.

The high-tech crooked Leverage team are back with Season 4 on DVD 18th November, and to celebrate the release we’ve comprised a list of the top 5 Con Artists that have graced the big and small screens.



Catch Me If You Can

Based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the perfect con man in Catch Me If You Can. Throughout the movie DiCaprio pulls off major schemes using his powers of persuasion, manipulation, and impersonation all while on the run from a FBI bank fraud agent. Frank Abagnale (DiCaprio) never looks back and pulls of some of the greatest stunts in history.



Ocean’s Eleven

What happens when you take three extremely notable actors (Clooney, Pitt, and Damon) and put them in one of the most interesting cities in the world? You get one of the greatest heist and con artists films of all time. All three men act as a team of con artists similar to the Leverage squad. Their goal is to rob one of Las Vegas’ most reputable casinos. With a couple of extremely stealthily con men the swindling is simple and the money comes in even easier.



The Sting
Perhaps the most acclaimed film about con artists, The Sting still captivates over four decades after its release. Robert Redford stars as Johnny Hooker, a grifter on the run from the authorities who killed his partner. Looking for his next move, he turns to Paul Newman’s veteran con man, Henry Gondorff, to teach him “the big con.” They face one truly powerful adversary, however, in the corrupt police lieutenant Doyle Lonnergan. As they attempt to get rich and get even, everything becomes uncertain. In the world of “the big con,” few people are really as they seem and everyone’s motivations are suspect.



Six Degrees of Separation
New York socialites Flan and Ouisa have no idea what’s about to hit them when Paul, played by a young Will Smith, shows up at their doors. He manages to convince them not only that he is receiving an Ivy League education with their children but also that he is the son of actor Sidney Poitier. Before his eventual bust, he manages to extract vast sums from wealthy families on their own volition simply by being able to talk a great game.


The Brothers Bloom
What’s better than one con artist? Try two con artists – and brothers, no less! In The Brothers Bloom, Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo play Bloom and Stephen, respectively, two masters of the craft of manipulation and deception. In order to convince Bloom not to retire, though, Stephen has to plan their biggest con yet. Their target: Rachel Weisz’s Penelope, a kooky and socially awkward heiress. But as their con unfolds, it becomes unclear who’s really falling for whom. Is it Penelope playing perfectly into Bloom and Stephen’s plan? Or is it Bloom himself, who finds himself falling madly in love with the quirky Penelope?


LEVERAGE: The Complete Season Four is out on DVD 18th November, courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. 


Images via Premier


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