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The seven craziest onstage injuries

By Editor
The seven craziest onstage injuries

Dave Grohl, ay. He's everyone's favourite rockstar, isn't he? 

A nice guy in a cutthroat industry. The sort of musician you're mom has a thing for. So it comes as no surprise that at a headline show in Sweden on Friday he broke his leg and continued to play the gig on a chair. Not because he's rock and roll through, mainly because he probably didn't want to upset the audience who'd come to see him scream the lyrics to Everlong.

But he's certainly not the first musician to harm his or herself on and off the stage. Here are the best injuries in recent memory.


Noel Gallagher and the fan

The Gallagher lads having been giving it the big-un for years now, so it was sad to see that realise that they are mere mortals like us. In this case, Noel was barged into a monitor by an overzealous fan, which isn't very nice. Props to Liam for waiting until three security guards had captured before commencing his hard guy act.


Olly Murs and the stairs

It's hard work being Olly Murs. You have to memorise loads of song lyrics that other people have written whilst wearing a hat. If you add stairs into the mix then you're asking for trouble.


Krist Novoselic and his own bass

The lesser known Nirvana member, Krist was having the time of his life during the 1992 MTV Awards until he threw his bassist up in the air, thinking gravity would defy the norm, only for it to come back and smash him in the face.


Ryan Jarman of the Cribs and the table

2006 was a crazy time. Indie music was at its peak and award shows were a little bit more shambolic. After being given an award as a warm gesture by the Kaiser Chiefs, he dived onto their table to accept it. But he smashed the back of his head, resulting in him needed immediate medical attention.

Ryan Jarman Crash from Steve Benton on Myspace.


Slim Jimmy Of Rae Sremmurd and the stage

Pint-sized rappers Rae Sreummurd are cute, but wasn't cute is the after effect of Slim Jimmy's fall. We won't post it here, but his injury after falling of a stage at the Governer's Ball in NYC looked horrendous. We're lots of blood and gore.


Skrillex and a spaceship

Skrillex is a weird guy, it has to be said. It's weird that he asked for spaceship themed stage and weird that he didn't remember it as he attempted to run backstage.


Miguel and the fan

R&B crooner didn't exactly hurt himself when he dive from a stage onto another platform but it was so outlandish that it deserves a place in this list. His leap of faith didn't pay off and he landed on a fan's head. The best moment is the lady next to her who seems concerned until the singer puts his arm around her, causing her to forget all about it. 


All in all, when in doubt, attempt to be like this dutch rocker who this weekend looked like he was about to go down into the injury vault but instead did the opposite. Check it out:


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